Friday, 3 November 2006


Well, memories rush back to me - right back to when i was like 6-7 and i dressed up as a blue haired witch i wanted to look like grotbags but it wasnt happening!!! i sitll had fun and i member mum came and danced with me at the school disco hehe

i always loved the cold nights, along with the warm food, and family get togethers of halloween and bonfire night. im sad they dont happen anymore but i remember them fondly and i loved them, even if my aunty was cooking peas pudding URGH but we also had toffee apples and hard candy that cracked our teeth oh and the pies ummmm in the contrast of the bitter cold, while eating piping hot food in one hand and a sparkler in the other...watching the fireworks it was something i deeply loved! i cant wait till i have my own family so we can make it a special time! i love times like this...

so tonight im going to the YSA dance in leeds and YES im dressing up and im gonna be able to see ALLLLL my friends, emma maureen charlene, laura, mark, chris, kate, ooh hopefully all of em!

i am so tired though! University is really demanding alot of my time, but i know i am also weirdly enough enjoying it, id probably give out on something by now if it was any other subject but this keeps me interested, we looked at medium format minolas today - and theres amazing i guessed the lens would be about 80mm but tis not it was 75mm so i wasnt too far off....

i did get to make some business cards for myself and so i will be able to distribute them, and FOR FREE! only had to pay postage. anyway the main duties or assignments i have right now as it stands are :-

*Producing a folder full of professional study work.
*Writing a 2000 work essay and presenting an oral debate on 6 images over the past 200 years (should be interesting!)
*Completing my Retro Fashion modules especially the scrapbook (i sooo need to get on with that!!!)
*Learning to use photoshop EFFECTIVELY!

so there you go...hope your ALL having a great time right now even though its colder than a witches bit! hehe look after yourselves BEX

Wednesday, 25 October 2006


i finished my organic module guys! im actually on like my first major project its called RETRO FILM!

Anyway - this picture was the dark room practise and it was like first thing thursday morning and the dew was still on the leaves of the was beautiful! so i got some good shots, by my peers this was rated the best! :D i really am happy with the images im taking considering ive only used a film camera like 4 times in my life! im reeally enjoying doing the manual part of it...

i am actually really enjoying the lectures! i sat in expecting to be there while i fall asleep but they are brilliant im taught in visuals and thats how i always wanted to be taught, my tutors make it really interesting for me!

Last week the best lecture was on professional studies and we learned about SWOT assessment, we did one on ourselves - comprising of our STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS - i really thought it was good for me! so yeah that was a good im busting my butt to get my essay done and all the work included for my retro film and fashion module! :D i am enjoying it, i could see the elements are coming together! and i just enjoyed taking one of my fave films "footloose" into a remake of my own imagination at a church dance HOW FUN! thank you to BEN and JAMES for ALL there help without you i couldnt of done it!!! :D

apart from that in my life, if you read my last Blog i have a wonderful guy beside me! we are growing everyday he loves me for being ME, i can make mistakes and he still loves me!!! how amazing is that?! plus he thinks im like the most beautiful person on this planet! i love you markie!! he really has supported me, its like i have to tell him everything about my day less i get upset...maybe im crazy, and maybe ive lost it but i am IN LOVE! :D and that love is returned...

hope your all doing well...drop me a line ill try my hardest to keep in touch with you ppl! :D LOVE BEX

Thursday, 19 October 2006

My one in a million...

Who thought id get a guy like him?? he is so precious to me! his name is Mark Gregory Northcott and i love him to bits we are so much alike its very scary! he makes me laugh like no other and he is just a shining light to make me wasnt to be better, his eyes are beautiful and he makes me feel like a princess, as you all probably know im not very public about guys but i wanted to let you all know about him. its been a bout a month when we first started to chat, we are so deep in friendship hes deffinately my one in a million, i cant imagine being with anyone else!!! we just fit so well. its deffinately early days but im not someone to rush into anything anyway!! :D i hope you all get to meet him soon. hes 6,6 yes tall, but it always comes under the tall dark and handsome type ;)

main similarities - we think alike in everything, we have similar goals, we work hard, we like to look good, we love to talk, we used to be shy at school, we both love family, we both want to be the best we can for each other. i just cant wait till he comes to UK ok for anyone who thinks HES NOT FROM UK URS NUTS! i dont care...i dont give my love out like sweets.

other than that! im in uni now in full swing...the lectures start tommorow my main task (another thing marks good at HELPING ME!) but i have to film a segment of a retro film from the past...oooh goodie...but i can say im enjoying it even though ive never been so brain dead for ideas. i am looking forward to the tetley competition and also the retro fashion module! :D

institute is same as ever, and im taking all the photos of STUDENTS AND YSA so if you all see me with my camera dont ask questions just smile and let me take a photo okies?? hehe anyway guys im shattered and ill update you all with more when my brain actually has capacity to join sentences.


Thursday, 21 September 2006

Pole perspective...

Pole perspective, originally uploaded by Glam_2006.

So I just thought id send you a quick Blog ive been so busy getting uni done and such...i can see from now on i wont have time to do muche else, but im hoping to keep you informed about whats going on...this is my first enlarged print i was really happy with it. i love the composition, the contrast and nervous about the next briefs such as shooting "organic" work whatever that consists of!!! but i have to leave you now because i have another fun filled day tommorow of madness at Harrogate meeting photo students from last year Au revior!

Thursday, 14 September 2006


Originally uploaded by

Yes i did these today and i am so proud of them, when i get my large prints (as they are still drying at uni) im gonna scan them and let you see them too! ok so it was only a taster day but i learned sooo much! i love the college, its a way to walk but i do love what i do there, i met some great people kim and brian and randy i think his name was, hehe anyway! i learned film processes and developer, stop and finishing liquid i loved seeing my prints coming up on the enlargers! hehe i am excited i must say IM SHATTERED cos im just not used to it, but i cant wait to see what its all about really! i even had a theme of urban city, i would of liked to do things in town but there u go :) anyway i hope you enjoy my photos! BEX

Friday, 25 August 2006

The picture that got me a place...

Well he liked a few of the images in my portfolio when i stepped into the interview at the college, but this is once he really liked and asked me alot about it. he said if i had an idea in mind...there wasnt none really but i could see what he was getting at. he asked me where it was. it was in the institute building, and its becky hooson she didnt want any photos taking of her face so i got this result. so becky thanks!

Sunday, 20 August 2006

Welcome to Harrogate College


i cant believe i went this week to uni and i got in!!! i have a place on the photography and digital imaging degree i know its going to be hard, but i really feel its best for me, ive seen the studios and the campus its clean and people really care about you, i have followed photography for years, and now i want to be REALLY good at it! i mean PROFESSIONAL!


i even get student discounts get in, its crazy because i am going to be getting the train to and from uni each week, the view going to it is beautiful i love it so much! theres the yorkshire dales and the country side right over the train line, its amazing! the people are really nice, just wait till i start all the work ARGH!!!! lol i just am so shocked i got in i had sleepless nights for ages!!!


thats the next step its like your being led into the dark by the BLIND! but im getting there not falling for the "student account freebies" although YES tempting. BELIEVE ME! my next post above will be about the photo that got me into the may be surprised!

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Perhaps Love...

I was at Sarah and Steven Smith's wedding and they had the musical item a song ive NEVER heard but i nearly got teared up with are the following lyrics i heard i was touched by it! hope you like it too!

Perhaps love is like a resting place
A shelter from the storm
It exists to give you comfort
It is there to keep you warm
And in those times of trouble
When you are most alone
The memory of love will bring you home

Perhaps love is like a window
Perhaps an open door
It invites you to come closer
It wants to show you more
And even if you lose yourself
And don't know what to do
The memory of love will see you through

Oh, Love to some is like a cloud
To some as strong as steel
For some a way of living
For some a way to feel

And some say love is holding on
And some say letting go
And some say love is everything
And some say they don't know

Perhaps love is like the ocean
Full of conflict, full of pain
Like a fire when it's cold outside
Thunder when it rains
If I should live forever

And all my dreams come true
My memories of love will be of you

And some say love is holding on
And some say letting go

And some say love is everything
Some say they don't know

Perhaps love is like the ocean
Full of conflict, full of pain
Like a fire when it's cold outside
Or thunder when it rains
If I should live forever
And all my dreams come true
My memories of love will be of you

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Appreciate the Small things...

Are truly beautiful i took this photo last week, and appreciate the pure joy babies have from the love of their parents, i love seeing babies and toddlers smile, they are happy with small and simple things.

Things going right...
Im always thankful when the small choices you make in a day really effect you and when they go right thats even better

even small birds chirping, sunrises, and morning breeze can make me happy, jsut small things God has put on the earth fo us to enjoy

YES i love the small things! 

Monday, 31 July 2006

Best friends...

I never had a best friend until i met mark, i always feel so comfortable round him! i dont have to pretend to be anything else that myself...he laughs at my funny ways, he supports me and just is always there for me! i am and always will be grateful for him! hes awesome...this photo was taken at the york valentines dance not the best pic but its the only one i have with us together! :) lv ya Markie!!!

Saturday, 29 July 2006

Take a Break...Camps done!

In this heat, you have to have a rest! i took this today...but i love it!

we brought mum and Roxy back home from camp, and i have fond memories of those camp years, so much preparation so much love and care! i always loved the testimony meetings, it was like a safe haven for us all being together as YW sharing experiences and growing in the Gospel!

I was blessed to meet all sorts of new people on camp the list is endless...
Sarah Smith aka Ducker
Charlene Kendall
Ashley Zirman
John Williams
Naomi Makins aka Simcock
Becky Bray aka ONeil

thats JUST to name a few...i loved being there even if flies where in our tent and none of us didnt look too glamourous! but it didnt matter we cared about each other, i felt the spirit when i visited the site. it truely is a time when you can come together. i really miss that Camp atmosphere...

I need SLEEP...
But all in all the most rewarding thing when i got back the thing i missed most coming off camp MY BED! id do so much my head pounded! so thanks roxy for posing for me :D

i hope everyone had a good experience of camp as i did....sure i was sick 2 years in a row, sure i got home sick, sure i clung to dad the first year...but by the end i was begging to come back.


Thursday, 27 July 2006

Incredible ties...

incredible ties!, originally uploaded by Glam_2006.

Show off...
I guess the only true accesory guys can accesorize on is TIES! these are my dads hung up in his i thought id include it in my blog, i just thought it was cool :)

Dad works so hard at work and in blessed to have him in my life, he always likes to look his best and perform his best, hes a good example for me. hes good with people, good at sales, good at expounding knowledge he is always there for me...

may his tie reign ever continue...even if you have hundreds of em ;o)

love ya Dad


Think about it...

i love close up photos from weddings, i think most of the time people forget to take the detail...

The Beading...
The intricate beading can symbollize each trial and problem we have will add to our beauty over a long period of time

The Knot...
To signify our commitment, faithfulness

The Hand...
Support and comfort from your companion

The Ring...
Crisp and Clear on the finger, to shine as an example of promise and love

The White...
To show virtue and cleanliness and new begginings

i guess you could interpret it your own way! but thats why i like the photo!


Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Being Comfortable...

tam 6, originally uploaded by Glam_2006.

With Yourself...
Tammie my good friend, she doesnt need makeup in her photos, i took them and i didnt need to touch up or anything, i thought about how people need to forget about stereotypical beauty, Tammie is a beautiful person in and out, im glad she is my friend...

With your Talents...
So i pondered myself, i sometimes think gosh im a bad photographer! but sometimes i just have bad days and plus i have a bad foot, but all in all im comfortable with my talents and my ability in taking photos, but its been a journey ill tell you!

With saying how you feel...
too many people bottle up how they truly feel ok we are not an open book, but we should at least let someone turn the pages! we shouldnt be afraid of social circles or speaking to new people...

hope this is good insight for you all...


Tuesday, 25 July 2006

"if ye are prepared Ye shall not fear!"...

Originally uploaded by

My First wedding shoot i had no idea what i was doing but i was happy to be there and so i decided id research and do everything i could to make it all nice. in this picture you will see a note book, invitations orders of service wedding photos, and a list of events/photos to take, i have to always prepare and research what im doing i feel to be my best.

Such as...
-taking photos when the bride is getting ready on her request
-generally ask the couple what they want, style etc ie CLASSIC/TRADITIONAL/CANDID
-Know the number of bridesmaids, colour schemes and any special guests
-know the venue, the people the place and try to always get there early and speak to ushers, best men and anyone making the day possible its good to have a coordination and organized structure to the day
-have individual shots of bridesmaids and anyone who requests.
-most of all be alert and have the camera at the ready ALWAYS!

i have loads more but i wanted to just cover a few. The thing i thought was ill have to get a person i REALLY trust to take MY photos, as i dont want them messed up im so bad arnt i? hehe but i do know i love taking photos (if you havnt already guessed)


I had to Blog about MARKIE...what a dude he is, Mark has been there for me through thick and thin im so glad i have him in my life. for the following reasons...

1- he makes me laugh so much
2- we are so different but so much alike
3- he doesnt mind sitting next to me
4- we both make funny faces
5- hes very organised and a great assistant!
6- he will drop anything to help me out
7- i really CAN call him any time any where!
8- we both like similar films
9- we see eye to eye on the gospel
10- we are goal orientated

11- hes the best friend i ever had
12- he helps me get over breakups!
13- i love his parents
14- he is kind and loving to everyone
15- he has a great testimony and is a great priesthood holder - he just does loads for people!
16- he will help me and encourage me in my dreams, ie photography
17- we both like LOST and MEDIUM and WWE!
18- we stick up for each other, and pretend to be b/f and g/f if people are being stalkerish!
19- we can gr0ove good at the dances
20- he lets me call him any name which now is traditionally MARKIEEE

Name them one by one...

My blessings, i feel i have to write them because sometimes i forget...

1- First and foremost, MY FAMILY! because without them id be nothing
2- My nursery kids, that teach me patience but also CHRISTLIKE LOVE
3- slush puppies and anything "ice cube" like on hot days
4- meeting new people - being able to speak to anyone!
5- Learning new things, like PHOTOGRAPHY
6- That i have the Gospel, and have always had it since i was born
7- For good leaders and teachers who have been good influences in my life
8- Missionaries (they brought my family into the church)
9- The Book of mormon, The book is blue and its true 'nuff said!
10- My camera and my charming skills, BARGAINS thats all ill say!
11- My home and what it stands for
12- Prayer!!!
13- laughter ESPECIALLY impressions!
14- The prophets such as Wilford Woodruff, Heber J Grant, and Gordon B Hinkley
15- My many journals and being able to look back in time
16- Good Programme and films and music
17- Being able to sing and hear others sing, it truly brings the spirit into my life
18- MY very re"mark"able friend ;)
19- The temple and its blessings if your worthy
20- Just the little things, like hugs smiles and brownies ;)

Going to the chapel and were gonna get MARRIED!

Sunny Scotland...
How i love weddings, but how i loved doing my first wedding TAKING PHOTOS! im back tracking again to june 1-3 - i was asked by Liann Waite to take photos for her and her being brave in hiring me i gladly accepted, but i tell you i was SCARED! Mark was there to support me as he always does! markie is a great friend and assistant to me, i gave him a list and he was jsut so helpful he helped me with my bags and just was super organized, we went to scotland - its so worth going to guys! anyway i travelled up with the Beckwiths who supplied us with loads of mint sweets (much appreciated) :D the sugar was just what i needed, it ended up being so beautiful and sunny for the day and i couldnt of asked for any better photos...all the people ive shown are so impressed by them, i just am so blessed to have a talent for photography. i can actually share with anyone and everyone!!! this day was a decider for me if i would do this FOR REAL and go study it...and as i loved doing it...IM GOING AHEAD!

My plans for photography...
I saw some part time courses and saw the "building a portfolio" course so im going for that first, then i will follow with a foundation degree and the third year turning it into a BA and i will attend BYU-I (my dream) but for a year only ill keep fingers crossed! maybe it wont happen but i have to have dreams...anyway have a look at some of my examples...

Photos from the day...

Monday, 24 July 2006

Make it PINK...make it BLUE...make it BLACK!!

yeah you may have noticed my blog looks alot different, i went on the search for a new look, and ive decided to keep to the basics. updating my blog has made me wanna do it more, so WATCH OUT :D Going to see Superman Returns FINALLY should be really good...cant wait!!! BEX

My heart goes "CLICK - CLICK"

AMERICA 2006 005, originally uploaded by Glam_2006.

In May this year (im having to back track) my Brother Chris was very ill - i was really worried for him! i wanted to share with you the email i sent to everyone asking for prayers...

First Email...
"Sunday morning my family got a call, and it was from my sister in law, she told us my brother had been rushed into the intensive care unit and had suspected Pneumonia, along with his heart had swelled 3 times its normal size collecting fluid and being really weak and inflamed. Anyway we kept getting calls through the day and monday...his condition got alot worse, his heart rate was 127 and his heart was only working 25%, he doesnt have pneumonia, however one of the valves in his heart was leaking, because his heart is so large it was squashing his lungs and causing him not to get enough oxygen for him to breath, so that was why the suspected pneumonia. so Yesterday i got to speak to him on the phone and guys he sounds aweful! the latest is he is going into OPEN HEART SURGERY THURSDAY! And he may need a heart transplant it all depends on if his heart is too weak, its possible he could even die. so i am asking you guys if you will pray for him, hes my only brother and hes really special and important to me...i know if everyone prays for him i can feel at least i have tried all I can for him, and i will leave it in the Lords hands, i have faith in him but i know i felt prompted to let you all know the situation and ask for your help..."

I knew deep down that the lord would comfort me and my family and i knew Chris would be ok, but i still was worried, i tried to keep strong for my family things kinda always comes on you in 2's or 3's. it ended up that mum and dad HAD TO GO to America and see my brother as he asked for them. i think because they where there he made a faster recovery; along side his wife...i was fortunate enough to see photos when mum and dad got back and i want to include on on here because of all the things he went through! I was amazed at Chrisso hes a trooper he was recovering so well, so quickly

My Email UPDATE...
"i thought id finally update you all about my brothers condition, its been quite a miracle actually, since i last emailed you so much good has happened and in a small amount of time.

i have to tell you all before i go on THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS! we have felt them ESPECIALLY my brother!

i will now tell you his progress -

On Thursday 11th May, Chris was taken into surgery and did indeed have a operation on his heart, they suspected they may have to actually give him a NEW HEART, BUT they didnt, they found after they had replaced the valve (he now has a fully working mechanical valve) and that the muscles in his heart was responding well :) anyway the Doctor who was one of the top 12 in the USA told my mum and dad the surgery went as well as possible and he would be fine. That was great news but they didnt expect THIS to happen...

They told my parents in Utah that he would not respond for a long time after his surgery he would be very weak and not be able to speak or anything, and that he wouldnt be out of hospital for at least 3 weeks! heres where the miracle comes in. Straight after the opperation Chris heard my little cousins scream and then followed by my dads "chris are you ok?" his eyes opened wide! then he heard his wifes voice and responded to her, by moving his arm, then followed by my mum and he did a little smile to her, the nurses couldnt believe how well he was responding, they told me over the phone that he kept getting a little pad and pen out and wrote "has the opperation been done yet?" "im so thirsty" as he still had his breathing tubes down his throat and all the other IV's etc. By the the next day he was out of bed and sat up in his chair and in usual chris style "making trouble" as my mum said - this so amazed me guys! by the very next day, 2 DAYS after surgery!! He walked out of ICU alone into a normal ward, they also removed the main tubes and the swan from his neck and tubes from his chest, the doctors are amazed at his very fast recovery but I KNOW its the Lords doing and all the many prayers said in his behalf.

I called the other day and spoke to Chris for a good hour, he had just come home from the hospital not even a week after surgery! isnt that so wonderful? he was telling me how much support everyone has been and that he can feel the support hes had - indeed im grateful for everyones emails kind words and help, ive felt it along side my sister and my parents and most of all my brother! i told him on the phone i was so glad he is ok and made me realise how much the Lord does for us all and thst hes mindful of all of us in our individual situations...

Chris is now recovering at home and told me to thank everyone for all they have done, he is more humble than ever, the only thing he has to worry about is his breathing machine at night that makes alot of noise and the constant ticking in his heart that hes become accustomed to!

My parents will return home soon from USA and chris will return to work soon after he is totally healed and no longer weak!

just THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! words cant really express my gratitude! Love you all Rebecca"

ok Chris is getting better all the time, he bragged about how much weight he had lost and how he was always CLICKING due to his new mechanical valve...i even heard it over the phone! as he put it to his heart. i was reading a similar experience from one of my friends blogs last night and i realised i HAD to write about all this. Chris is nearly coming out of recovery and i believe back to work soon, i love him so much! i cant imagine not having him in my life! thanks for reading BEX


What an amazing book that was handed me by my sister, its like the excuse bible for guys.
i was a bit cynical when i first started reading this book, but i was like AMEN to every page there is a female and male perspective about emaybe every excuse a guy can give you for NOT calling NOT dating you etc, how much time have I wasted on guys that just dont of the noteworthy portions in the book is when they tell you that if a guy isnt willing to spend every moment (or desire to be) with you, call you, txt you etc then HES JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!

The GuyAuthor Greg Behrendt is like the "Doctor Phil" of relationships he tells it "just like it is" he even gives you a self help pages through each chapter such at colouring a blank flag RED - how a guy should be to you coming for you RUNNING! your not worth ANY LESS, i really woke up the fact that i dont have to chase at all they should come to me, im finally getting examples, TRUE examples of being chased after! FINALLY! "girls dont lets guys walk all over you" GREG Says "STOP giving them excuses to treat you like dirt". Greg has been a "bad boy/good boy" in different relationships seen pretty much any and every girl, and now hes married he is amazing! and has woken me up!
I also love Liz the other author as she brings Gregs blunt "i dont like you phrases" to a softer lets take 2 steps back, you have to imagine yourself as one of your friends, what would you tell your friend, if this guy never called, never wanted to spend time with you, you would say "DUMP THE LOOSER!" so there you go. i stand to be corrected!

Yes they even give you examples of these INTO YOU couples, sacrificing and making time for each other even if hes a busy business man and hardly is home, even Greg the Author calls his wife after meetings, even if they miss each other they call and leave messages...i even love the Polls they ask guys the honest truth about everything and pretty much 100% each time they admit, there not into the girl...
All i can say is this book has opened my eyes to the mysteries of men if you will...THEY DONT HAVE ANY MYSTERY! if they like you THEY WILL FIND YOUR NUMBER! if they dont you wont hear from them again simple as that! I remphasize all you ladies out there. dont give guys the room to even use you a lil. dont give them a chance! we are all special enough to have a guy like US for US! we are beautiful in our own way and the future will come! dont be in a rush to settle for something that you will be only HALF happy with! you wanna be totally in love, devoted and you want the guys to do their work. if you havnt read the book, i really hope you will. Thanks to Ange for lending it to me!


Much to Blog about nothing...

well hello! its been time since i wrote here, and i saw someones blog last night and it was very detailed i saw i had NO EXCUSE notttt to blog! i have so much to tell you all its CRAZZZYYY so many things have happened to me and my family over the past few months, so i can finally catch up with you all! so im gonna do MINI blogs...i have a whole list of things to tell you all! BEX

Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Are you taking the "MIC"?

Hello all you Bloggers and readers...its me! oh no surprise there then? anyway! larisa asked me to record the events happened last i have been composing what i would say...all in all IT WAS AMAZING! i heard many comments like "this has been a great night, are they doing it again?!" i wasnt sure but i heard it from at least 10 ppl maybe more. i got there quite early to help the guys set up...but i didnt think i did too much but it was nice to be settled there before the crowds came i even got to test out the MICS! maybe thats why they where broke ;) (light goes on in my head) haha

i think it started late but we did it properly by a prayer kindly done by lukie! always willing and helpful that dude...but he predicted it hehe but the night got underway with Ryan starting with his songs...and that nicely brought people into the main hall while we where all trying to find our feet for the night...i think everyone felt awkward at first but i wanted to get up and just get the songs over spent a fair few days worrying myself i would mess up maybe i did but i didnt care because i got to share my talent and ryan really supported me...i had cheers but they where kind of a blur! the last song was a special tribute to my nephew that died in child birth and i sang for him...i felt i connected to him in my own lil way...and as i told ryan infront of others...i was sooo thankful he put my words to his music and so we worked together and i had many people say they loved it after i was sooo happy...and my mum came along and shed a lil tear...i know it meant alot...i just wish i could record it for my brother and his wife! i think that will happen in time. i sure hope so...

well after i got down off the stage i was impressed with lukes rendition of "smoke on the water" and his random YEAHHHHH in between cords hehe i had sooo many laughs that night and i also loved it when hayden got up and sang all his respective songs i was sooo impressed...

we had one corner of the room covered in papers of all the songs that where being done that night. it was fun to see all the pure talent in progress! i enjoyed the jam sessions in collision with the kareoke "bar" behind the screens and some of us bopped along to "dont go breaking my heart" i obviously didnt sing enough because i went to do the kareoke sessions and a good group followed while luke was leading that part...

we had a great food spread...sorry had to comment on it! heheh luke did that too goodness me! hes amazing! in fact Ryan and Luke did the majority...but hayden put alot of behind the scenes work into it and even though scott ran away i heard him practise his guitar song and he was really good...i enjoyed the hot pizza who brought those?

next (im going on my experience of the night) i peered over the screens eating my chocolate chip cookie provided by heather and gillian! thank you my loves...and i saw a whole crowd of people included Ryan...Tom...Hayden...and Laryn playing together it was an impressive sight all the YSA buffs playing their master instrument i was thumbs up the whole time...juggling my cookie and camera in my hands and trying not to fall off my chair however i captured a few good photos!

i was accompanied by good friends and i also got to chat to chris jackson and got to take photoswith him im sad he didnt get to perform!!! also spoke to el guapo and exchange high 5's what a guy! he was hiding from the camera i exclaimed WHY YOUR GOOD LOOKIN BOY!! hehe i got to hear some of Ben Balla which was nice and calming, i also heard charlie fishers rendition of alanis morisette and "i said hey whats going on?" i forgot the artists name...but i love the fave female singer of the night was ME no thats a big lie it was in actual fact kate and KISS ME! you rock my dear!!! i was so happy i got to hear her! along with all the applause Chris Jackson got excited and went to actually kiss kate on the cheek AWWW i think he got excited and asked someone out...but yes i wont go there...but we had nice couples sharing the moment together and i think someone got together with was in the open mic air! i could feel it :D

amongst all the lovely comments...the beautiful singing and the sociable atmosphere the efforts of all involved and the complimentary event made it work, because we PRAYED! haha its true though and people had been ripping their hair out for weeks ryan stayed calm through it all so i have him to thank!!! so with many screams WE WANT ANOTHER ONE!

i dont know if i missed anyone but if i did im sorry i loved all the music...and got to see old friends and met new people! it was a night im glad i didnt miss out on, I LOVED IT! THANK YOU TO THE BRAIN WHO SUGGESTED IT! u ROCK!

Hope you all enjoy the photos! Click to make them bigger...More photos are to come because my blog is being silly

Thursday, 2 March 2006


well im blogging you all again! i just wanted to tell and remind you all (if you already knew) about the upcoming event its gonna be fab SO GET THERE! :D

Tuesday, 21 February 2006


....And here is your host MS CILLA BLACK! tee hee

well thats the extent of the night right there...with the home made DU DU DU DU DUDUDUDUDU DU DU DUUUUUUUUUU! :) heres a couple photos to feast your eyes was a fun night well the first part anyway! i had many chuckles! if anyone reads and can comment on the second half go for it :D just a short blog for me 2day - keep smiling Lv bex


Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Happy REJECTION day?

I took this photo like last week...and i dont want you to focus on WHO it is because there where just messing about...but i want you to think about whats happening she just got a rose and face away...his face is all screwed up...yes we have seen it all in our time rejection. so guess this blog could be anyone whos ever been or is alone on this valentines day! she will be thinking why did he pick me, and he will think just say yes! or she may think...hes stalking me...or she could be thinking many things...just not about you...then on the other hand he may be jealous she got a rose from someone else and he didnt think of it before. Shocking isnt it? but my YSA friends its not a time for gloom. i guess just think of all the good things...and maybe good luck next year. well thats what i got told anyway! Hey im having fun i hope you all do this day...whatever your doing :D and hope you never have to face rejection again!

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Its my life and ill live it like i want to!!

Well a good week so far i guess ive figured more about myself, my own strengths and weaknesses alot and i had the scripture AGAIN ring words in my heart...Ether 12:27 - "make weaknesses into strengths...i also thought i rely on others opinion of me alot to satisfy my confidence level...a big light went off in my head...What does God think of me? so i prayed and found i did when i was 14 and i had the picture of christ in my 2 hands...i found he loved me then and it was ever stronger this past week...i know its my life i can live it like i want to...have fun and such, just do the things that are good for me...what the Lord desires for me.

so im happy ive made self discoveries...thanks to people in my life! i guess they are the catalysts in my life! :) im so happy for my journey...because everyone is different, and we have no right to judge because everyone has different worries and hopes fears, joys etc! i jsut wish i understood them all! I love everyone...i guess thats why you could say i get on with so many i look for the good in them and love them the whole person not just the good but the whole package...well if i didnt then who would love me for i have many imperfections!! but there you go its now in blog history! ill leave you with more of my fave things...PHOTOS


Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Who said you cant SUMOOOOO?!!

Well hey my fellow bloggers! i hope you get to see these photos...i really enjoyed last weeks dance with MORE than 150 people attending! i was really in shock! but it was nice to spend some time with my friends (who think i talk alot hehe) well if i do i make all your lifes more intresting at least :D

i loved also that we had sumo wrestling going on! my v good friends ryan and markie decided to have a go while it was quiet i was VERY IMPRESSED! when the assistants kept jumping on the suits i thought they had got fed up of us YSA and wanted to beat us up...but no it was to compress the suits ahhh...good memories! so i was like oooh let me take a photo!

heheh we had loads of others do it but hey i hope you guys dont mind me showing the photos...they will never let me take any EVERY AGAIN!! mwhaaahhhaaaa no i throughly enjoyed it...amongst the dance at about 9:30-11:30 the dance got most of its members and i had a boogie it was really nice to be with loads of old and new friends, not that im into advertising but the next dance is Ahem on March the 3RD so i hope you all get to come! same place same sure ill let you know sooner to the time!

so whoever says you cant SUMO they lie haha i didnt need a sumo attire...i wanted to spar with someone but i was scared id take em out! memories of school...hehe

I cant believe im actually now 21! its no different really...but i discussed with a few people im gonna MAKE it a good year, and stick to my goals so watch out everyone :D and i hope you enjoyed the photos...if i can be nice to DJmello maybe he will let me publish his photos of the dance last week along with mine, hope you all had fun! keep on dancing and defending your honour SUMOOOO!

Friday, 3 February 2006

Tribute to Chris! you asked for it hehehe!

Well as i promised Chris id do a BLOGGIN session for you all! so i took these photos at institute on my fone and i heard positive results...i guess no one is bloggin these days because we are either sooo busy or we are getting married, boyfriends, dates the sad one I HAVE NO LIFE haha no you didnt read always i bring you my PHOTOS! i also have a photo to show you...its th best thing ever...ok on with the show! Ryan and Luke ENJOY!

To the cool Dudes who i love to bits...who couldnt sit with these guys they are multitalented! i love Ryan with his guitar im sorry everyone HE IS THE BEST! and LUKE is just amazing! andy im sad you where not part of institute WE MISS U! but i think these guys are sooo great...yes luke I ADMIT I LOVE WRESTLING! to everyone, and i read Xmen comics there you go everyone!

mind you i was shocked when they said they loved these photos would you think a photo camera would bring such WONDERFUL HAPPINESS? no i didn't...i wish i could capture everyone from institute! their own beauty...i was all into glamour shots a while ago and they are good but, real people and real situtations are brilliant too. so guys thanks for letting me SHOOT YA! and Luke you are ARNOLD BE THE TERMINATOR! haha

Continuing my "blog" i wanted to mention AN ABSOLUTE miracle! you will see a brown substance no NOT what your thinking! so it was my birthday MORE TO FOLLOW SOON. but the best thing i asked my dad to do was take me to Little Chef for a breakfast ive wanted to go since i was 9 guys! LONG STORY so...we got in there and well! i had a waiter come and i wanted hot chocolate AS ALWAYS hes like IN A MUMBLE "CREAM AND FLAKE?" i was like errr sure...i got it and well I WAS IN HEAVEN! i even took a photo of it! so guys if you want to win my heart take me to little chef for one of those...i will instantly love you forever....hints to anyone with dark eyes and dark hair AHEM. anyway! i loved that time with dad it was RARE and i got to speak about my life as a 21 year old! it hasnt changed IM JUST LOVING LIFE INSTEAD! thats what we all should do! find a new person and chat to them u never know what will happen! till next time im blogged out!

Tuesday, 10 January 2006

America's finest hour!

From my holiday i found many great flags of America and i wanted to represent that to you all i really loved how true they are to their country this particular flag is in Provo and it was after a football game at the Lavell Stadium i loved it, i have to thank Candice for taking me and showing me beautiful sites of the place! LV bex

Saturday, 7 January 2006

~*Winter all over again!*~

New Year, NEW ME!

well well well! it is indeed a new year! and its already the 7th of jan amazing!

ive been focussing on goals for myself which are very challenging but i think they will be worth the work. ive tried to balance them in the different areas of my life. spiritual physical and mental so it will be fun to try and do them all! but yeah just like christmas time new year is very commercialised. and the most thing they go on about is either paying off depts or losing weight. i dont think people should make rushed descisions just because its a new year. but the fresh start of it all des make you think ahhh i can do it!

one of my main goals which i can share to you all is that im saving and working to go to BYU-I this has been in my heart longer than a year i went to visit the campus when it was end of september and i LOVED the place, it was a little scary at first because of the number of people there. but it was great i loved it i was so impressed by all the majors and what they have to offer. it was fab to see larisa there too, and i got to meet a wonderful girl called Steph. so there you go!

i really hope everyone has a "new start" to things they are trying to conquer i know its the little steps that count, and best thing is to tell a best mate or someone you trust because they will always encourage you to do whats right! while i have that opporunity thanks to Markie my best mate! for being there for me time and time againg through my ups and downs your my STAR!

all the best for 2006 eveyone! LOVE BEX