Wednesday, 25 October 2006


i finished my organic module guys! im actually on like my first major project its called RETRO FILM!

Anyway - this picture was the dark room practise and it was like first thing thursday morning and the dew was still on the leaves of the was beautiful! so i got some good shots, by my peers this was rated the best! :D i really am happy with the images im taking considering ive only used a film camera like 4 times in my life! im reeally enjoying doing the manual part of it...

i am actually really enjoying the lectures! i sat in expecting to be there while i fall asleep but they are brilliant im taught in visuals and thats how i always wanted to be taught, my tutors make it really interesting for me!

Last week the best lecture was on professional studies and we learned about SWOT assessment, we did one on ourselves - comprising of our STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS - i really thought it was good for me! so yeah that was a good im busting my butt to get my essay done and all the work included for my retro film and fashion module! :D i am enjoying it, i could see the elements are coming together! and i just enjoyed taking one of my fave films "footloose" into a remake of my own imagination at a church dance HOW FUN! thank you to BEN and JAMES for ALL there help without you i couldnt of done it!!! :D

apart from that in my life, if you read my last Blog i have a wonderful guy beside me! we are growing everyday he loves me for being ME, i can make mistakes and he still loves me!!! how amazing is that?! plus he thinks im like the most beautiful person on this planet! i love you markie!! he really has supported me, its like i have to tell him everything about my day less i get upset...maybe im crazy, and maybe ive lost it but i am IN LOVE! :D and that love is returned...

hope your all doing well...drop me a line ill try my hardest to keep in touch with you ppl! :D LOVE BEX

Thursday, 19 October 2006

My one in a million...

Who thought id get a guy like him?? he is so precious to me! his name is Mark Gregory Northcott and i love him to bits we are so much alike its very scary! he makes me laugh like no other and he is just a shining light to make me wasnt to be better, his eyes are beautiful and he makes me feel like a princess, as you all probably know im not very public about guys but i wanted to let you all know about him. its been a bout a month when we first started to chat, we are so deep in friendship hes deffinately my one in a million, i cant imagine being with anyone else!!! we just fit so well. its deffinately early days but im not someone to rush into anything anyway!! :D i hope you all get to meet him soon. hes 6,6 yes tall, but it always comes under the tall dark and handsome type ;)

main similarities - we think alike in everything, we have similar goals, we work hard, we like to look good, we love to talk, we used to be shy at school, we both love family, we both want to be the best we can for each other. i just cant wait till he comes to UK ok for anyone who thinks HES NOT FROM UK URS NUTS! i dont care...i dont give my love out like sweets.

other than that! im in uni now in full swing...the lectures start tommorow my main task (another thing marks good at HELPING ME!) but i have to film a segment of a retro film from the past...oooh goodie...but i can say im enjoying it even though ive never been so brain dead for ideas. i am looking forward to the tetley competition and also the retro fashion module! :D

institute is same as ever, and im taking all the photos of STUDENTS AND YSA so if you all see me with my camera dont ask questions just smile and let me take a photo okies?? hehe anyway guys im shattered and ill update you all with more when my brain actually has capacity to join sentences.