Saturday, 20 August 2005

The time is FLYING!!! The paint is DRYING!!!

Well after many requests i wanted to say something, im able to go to a very special place again today so im grateful for that chance, im noticing how time is going by so fast! just for andrews blog i have to pay tribute to his writings ive been watching and i they are so wonderful! really thoughtful and intresting, as the story is told with photos! :D anyway! i hope you are all well having good holidays and rest, even if your all working its time to just let yourself REST! be yourselfs and do the greater good.
i have also been redecorating after waiting with my family like nearly 10 years we all got together and painted our kitchen done everything, the point being, object lessons are always best, but i guess we all need a new coat of paint now and again, we have many people working on us, but its the preparation thats best i mean you have to sand rough areas and clean mucky marks, resurface and all that before you actually paint! and you can liken that to us :)
painting is also theraputic i find so anyway, dont you find that when we decorate its one step at a time, you have to make sure things dry and are covered, you cant just do everything in one day. well ill let you all interpret how you will but i just thought id share the insight...
i have let my camera skills go lax this past month, but im starting again with new projects and ideas, please watch out for them i love to be able to show them to people and share them, i just hope you will all bear with me, untill i write again BE HAPPY!
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