Saturday, 28 May 2011

Planting Nation - more from the yorkshire heap

Whey lets get excited about really know you want to!!
so the peas have been changed to the bottom garden and I made a trellis or whatever you call the thing that the peas reach and hold onto!! Anyway I spent 3 hours doing that I was quite proud of myself. Also I have transported the strawberries as they had a little accident when the winds blew and before I knew it they were on the floor and looked like they were on their way out dad saved them for me and now they live in a nice big bucket. You will see the photos. We had a new addition to the planting family - we got some given to us by mums good friend and they look really cute too. My dianthus are FINALLY out and thy are bringing some beautiful colours I really REALLY like them! Spring onions I think need some loving...I hope they will be ok. Sadly my morning glorys have passed away from the windy frost....they were doing so well and next day POOF and gone...I am going to grow some more INDOORS! Anyway the poppys are growing well as well so good times here is the photographic evidence of my works!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

a bitta Plant nation!....Part 5

Yes Hello, I know Plants again I hear you cry - well its my little patch on this earth of ours and Im using it!! I noticed the plants were a little dry so I gave them a good GLUG of my big watering can out this time...yesss! I am pleased with pretty much everything especially the orchids...ahhh. The Morning Glory's are going strong. My peas are just magnificent and then theres my chives simply so, then my spring onions look a bit weak at the knees but the water should perk it up. Then the strawberries are growing well the front of the house I've got the poppies now and they are growing Im happy with my little lot. Hope I have something tasty to eat soon...Im getting hungry!!

Amusing News

Well guess what. MARK GOT A JOB! whoohoo he is working as a AutoCAD/Site Measurer at a place called York Marble...the links here somewhere...AHA!  

Oh really everyone you dont know HOW LONG this has been needing to happen. Me and Mark both strongly felt he needed to back to Canada and yes it was right! I thought we would never get anywhere. I am soooo happy, life can go ahead now (it was restricting us muchly!) 

Also Mark and myself have been working on my website for ages. We launched a few weeks ago and really feel its me, my work and showcases everything beautifully. Im really thankful my husband has both helped me and himself to get work and help me get more work too. 

Marriage is never a smooth ride, we both want to lay smack down some days. I do love Mark though and no matter what I want him as my eternal companion. I wont get too mushy but I love him alot and appreciate all he has done all the hard work since he got home. Your awesome Markie moo. 

Heres a picture below of my new website layout. (perdy huh?)

Monday, 2 May 2011

a bitta Plan Nation! Part 4

Yes its me - talking about plans fun fun in the jungle...(well the back garden is anyway). Well thought I'd do a little update on the flowers, everything else is like either in small seedling stage or non bloomers as of yet - so when they come, I will call! Anyway Dad did the back garden today so I may be able to plant some more things heres hoping - dont want to over do it when Ive only just started but Im getting sooo impatient with it all Im like COME ON GROW WILL YOU! I think thats why Im doing this - to learn a bit of patience. You can tell Im from Yorkshire. Well hope you enjoy the pretty colours :D and my spring onions are starting now - photo right at the bottom