Sunday, 17 June 2007

to the top of the world and back!

WOW! yesterday was fantastic! we went all over the place in Toronto - if people once said to me toronto is Canadas capital i would believed them! its got everything! its like New York! but very different too - i love how many cultures reside there - how much art there is too look at - how easy it is to get food (of course!)

The highlight of the day for me was to be able to see the city from a boat ride away - it was awesome i got great photos which i SHOULD include here!! i also got my crops ripped silly me - but never mind, i got to be able to see the CN Tower me being as dumb as i am mark says " oh by the way this is the tallest thing on the earth" i knew it was large but until i saw it i was like GULP...ermmm okay! i got to the top a treat and found i quite liked walking on glass that made me feel like i was gonna fall - thankfully the glass could hold up to 14 hippos (RIGHTTT) like they tried that one - anyway! i aint doubting alot of people where on it so i was like OK I CAN DO THIS! and i was the first mark limped behind - IM GONNA BE A MACHO GIRLLL lol

i loved seeing the harbourfront gallery/museum - it was an experience, sure if my silly back wouldnt of been hurting id probably seen ALOT MORE! me and mark got to the car finally at 10 and we did soooo much more than just what ive mentioned! but we finished the day off with real - huge drink of lemonade and some kiddy candy floss YEY! me loved it...

i will be sure to add more later! love bex