Saturday, 12 February 2011

Canada Post

So I'm not the same kind of photographic person as Becky is, and I don't take a lot of photos like she does, am I complaining? No, not at all... She's awesome and does more than enough for the both of us! I'm also someone who takes a bit more artistic license with my post-production and I'm not ever consistent with my editing like becky is, she's the queen of that domain... I just know the software. Anyways, I have done some photography over here since I've arrived. I've also had a life.. meaning I haven't dropped off the face of the planet like kings and philosophers of old would have you believe (there's land over here on the other side of the ocean!)

Anyways when I first came over I did a bit of photographing. It was nice to go to some of the places where I used to go when i grew up. The first few photos are of Springwater conservation area.. it's basically a lake made by a dam, and there's a hiking trail around it. not really much to look at during the time I went, as it was still before the maple syrup season (they have a little educational area there, showing how the first nations people made it, how the pioneers made it and a modern sugar shack where they make it now)

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