Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wellie Sparker

My new name for Ellie - Wellie Sparker shes always in hyper mode and Sunday at a youth fireside was no exception - she wanted to play with my hair so I let her (this normally never happens) but I got to be able to keep her still so I could have a chat with her. Ahh the things you do for the YW. Check out our stylzzzz...

Catch up time - Stake Atheletics

Thought I would update on events. Its been busy since Ive been called into YW's its been non stop with everything else. So at the Atheletics I was raising funds for EFY with the Jam the YM/YW had made so Angela myself and mum made some goodies to sell at the table too so that was really fun. They went before 1pm - most by 11ish actually anyway its all in the name of a good cause and my ward won again. It was nice to be able to see them win again before I cross the sea to live with Mark. I was proud of the YW who came and helped to win the races and other events Im really proud of them all but especially Lucy who nearly died after her long distance run - she really put everything into it. Well here I have some more lovely photos to feast your beedy eyes on.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Spring Onions from my garden

Ahh yes they finally arrived the lovely spring onions - at long last me thinking it wouldnt be long and then find out lettuce only takes 6 weeks or so I SHOULD OF DONE THEM!! Anyway I have learned for next year and I also learned to not put all the seeds in at once...and not so deep but the flavour of them are amazing and better than any store bought. So Im pretty happy with them. Now for the photos...

Friday, 1 July 2011

Plant nation 1000056

Yeah I feel like Ive written that many hehe but here is a brief summary of the plants in the Garden they have grown alot bigger since this but I wanted to update :)