Saturday, 21 August 2010

Just what I needed

So sometimes life doesnt seem fair and you just wanna to crawl into bed and not wake up this week I found that I am still a fighter and I am stronger than what I think that is when I have the Lord backing me up. I may as well say it me and Mark are on the dregs of our money and the only thing keeping us going is my photography. I dont like to winge but I have to get it off my chest. Its was hard this week when I admitted I could no longer do it alone on top of alot of tooth pain with at least 4 visits to the dentists - its been crazy I think Ive been at every main office building in the town centre. We have sorted some things out but not perfectly - the main thing I got told this week was not to panic. At least I know I am honest and I will always say what is going on even if Im embarrased or stressed. I was finding it all a bit too much Monday night and I got a call from a beautiful friend she said she wanted to say thank you for photos I had done and brought me the most wonderful array of colours in this bouquet and a lovely sparkly card. My heart was lifted I knew I could do this. People do care no matter what you have or dont have. Im so thankful for true people in my life who care and love me. Yes our problems are not all vanished but it gives us hope when you are encouraged and strengthened by others. 

So here is the photo of this lovely gift thank you so much Roxy and Chris. Your amazing people!!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Go shorty...its your Birthday

Well it was my sisters Birthday yesterday and it ended up being a pull your best silly face started it off but we all had a go was FUNNY! When me and Mark arrived I went to see the birthday girl and then the cake ooooh lovely cakey goodness - MINTY CHOCCIE!!! So so nice...Angelas close friends came and we all had a good laugh. As per usual a camera was hooked up to my veins...Enjoy the photos...