Monday, 14 May 2012

Senior and Junior

Grandad got sick recently - it happened when I was in Canada and sure I have lots of good things to post but my family come first and when I heard that he had been put into a home I worried - his memory has been going for a while now so when I heard he wasnt living at home anymore I knew things were going to be getting hard for him.

I decided to go today and get some smiles from him, he didnt remember who I was for a long time but we still were able to make him laugh, he thought I was his daughter Christine for a while and eventually warmed up to singing "I believe" but he got so far and forgo the words - I promised him I would get him the words and I will do that for him. I hate seeing my family suffer or burst into tears because its hard to remember. Life is fragile and not a moment should be missed and treasured. Im so thankful I got to see him. We laughed and cried and met Jean his singing partner. 

Jean is so funny - shes THAT funny my dad shared a story about her in sacrement meeting in church. My dad was the last speaker and had minutes to go. 
In nursing homes they have carers - Jean doesnt feel that they are very nice and keeps all the good biscuits to themselves and only bring them out when guests come. Gary who has a large bald spot is renamed by Jean as GARYBALDY - so whenever she shouts across the room its "oye you Garybaldy!" Well everyone at church nearly peed themselves laughing!!! 
He also shared the fact that Jean who has come to love my Grandad came to my dad in a whisper and said "Im really worried, I think they are trying to poison your dad" My dad was a little worried at this and tried to find out what was going on...the next time the drink trolley came out she said to dad again "there that thing with the yellow top there putting it in his drink" Dad went over and because we are Mormons we believe that caffeine in tea and coffee harms our bodies - My Grandad instead has Caro which is a barley/health drink. My dad took it over to Jean and said "do you mean this Jean?" and explained what it was she welled up with tears and said "Oh Im so glad!". Dad shared the fact that he loved how caring she was and that she was looking out for him it had reall touched him!

Well I am grateful I got to see him share the day with him and also got to spend time with my dad and my uncle Barry...time is precious, family is your treasure and home is where your heart should be.

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I miss my grandparents so much. You're lucky your granddad is still alive.