Tuesday, 21 February 2006


....And here is your host MS CILLA BLACK! tee hee

well thats the extent of the night right there...with the home made DU DU DU DU DUDUDUDUDU DU DU DUUUUUUUUUU! :) heres a couple photos to feast your eyes on...it was a fun night well the first part anyway! i had many chuckles! if anyone reads and can comment on the second half go for it :D just a short blog for me 2day - keep smiling Lv bex


Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Happy REJECTION day?

I took this photo like last week...and i dont want you to focus on WHO it is because there where just messing about...but i want you to think about whats happening she just got a rose and face away...his face is all screwed up...yes we have seen it all in our time rejection. so guess this blog could be anyone whos ever been or is alone on this valentines day! she will be thinking why did he pick me, and he will think just say yes! or she may think...hes stalking me...or she could be thinking many things...just not about you...then on the other hand he may be jealous she got a rose from someone else and he didnt think of it before. Shocking isnt it? but my YSA friends its not a time for gloom. i guess just think of all the good things...and maybe good luck next year. well thats what i got told anyway! Hey im having fun i hope you all do this day...whatever your doing :D and hope you never have to face rejection again!

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Its my life and ill live it like i want to!!

Well a good week so far i guess ive figured more about myself, my own strengths and weaknesses alot and i had the scripture AGAIN ring words in my heart...Ether 12:27 - "make weaknesses into strengths...i also thought i rely on others opinion of me alot to satisfy my confidence level...a big light went off in my head...What does God think of me? so i prayed and found out...like i did when i was 14 and i had the picture of christ in my 2 hands...i found he loved me then and it was ever stronger this past week...i know its my life i can live it like i want to...have fun and such, just do the things that are good for me...what the Lord desires for me.

so im happy ive made self discoveries...thanks to people in my life! i guess they are the catalysts in my life! :) im so happy for my journey...because everyone is different, and we have no right to judge because everyone has different worries and hopes fears, joys etc! i jsut wish i understood them all! I love everyone...i guess thats why you could say i get on with so many i look for the good in them and love them the whole person not just the good but the whole package...well if i didnt then who would love me for i have many imperfections!! but there you go its now in blog history! ill leave you with more of my fave things...PHOTOS


Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Who said you cant SUMOOOOO?!!

Well hey my fellow bloggers! i hope you get to see these photos...i really enjoyed last weeks dance with MORE than 150 people attending! i was really in shock! but it was nice to spend some time with my friends (who think i talk alot hehe) well if i do i make all your lifes more intresting at least :D

i loved also that we had sumo wrestling going on! my v good friends ryan and markie decided to have a go while it was quiet i was VERY IMPRESSED! when the assistants kept jumping on the suits i thought they had got fed up of us YSA and wanted to beat us up...but no it was to compress the suits ahhh...good memories! so i was like oooh let me take a photo!

heheh we had loads of others do it but hey i hope you guys dont mind me showing the photos...they will never let me take any EVERY AGAIN!! mwhaaahhhaaaa no i throughly enjoyed it...amongst the dance at about 9:30-11:30 the dance got most of its members and i had a boogie it was really nice to be with loads of old and new friends, not that im into advertising but the next dance is Ahem on March the 3RD so i hope you all get to come! same place same time...im sure ill let you know sooner to the time!

so whoever says you cant SUMO they lie haha i didnt need a sumo attire...i wanted to spar with someone but i was scared id take em out! memories of school...hehe

I cant believe im actually now 21! its no different really...but i discussed with a few people im gonna MAKE it a good year, and stick to my goals so watch out everyone :D and i hope you enjoyed the photos...if i can be nice to DJmello maybe he will let me publish his photos of the dance last week along with mine, hope you all had fun! keep on dancing and defending your honour SUMOOOO!

Friday, 3 February 2006

Tribute to Chris! you asked for it hehehe!

Well as i promised Chris id do a BLOGGIN session for you all! so i took these photos at institute on my fone and i heard positive results...i guess no one is bloggin these days because we are either sooo busy or we are getting married, boyfriends, dates whatever...im the sad one I HAVE NO LIFE haha no you didnt read that...as always i bring you my PHOTOS! i also have a photo to show you...its th best thing ever...ok on with the show! Ryan and Luke ENJOY!

To the cool Dudes who i love to bits...who couldnt sit with these guys they are multitalented! i love Ryan with his guitar im sorry everyone HE IS THE BEST! and LUKE is just amazing! andy im sad you where not part of institute WE MISS U! but i think these guys are sooo great...yes luke I ADMIT I LOVE WRESTLING! to everyone, and i read Xmen comics there you go everyone!

mind you i was shocked when they said they loved these photos would you think a photo camera would bring such WONDERFUL HAPPINESS? no i didn't...i wish i could capture everyone from institute! their own beauty...i was all into glamour shots a while ago and they are good but, real people and real situtations are brilliant too. so guys thanks for letting me SHOOT YA! and Luke you are ARNOLD BE THE TERMINATOR! haha

Continuing my "blog" i wanted to mention AN ABSOLUTE miracle! you will see a brown substance no NOT what your thinking! so it was my birthday MORE TO FOLLOW SOON. but the best thing i asked my dad to do was take me to Little Chef for a breakfast ive wanted to go since i was 9 guys! LONG STORY so...we got in there and well! i had a waiter come and i wanted hot chocolate AS ALWAYS hes like IN A MUMBLE "CREAM AND FLAKE?" i was like errr sure...i got it and well I WAS IN HEAVEN! i even took a photo of it! so guys if you want to win my heart take me to little chef for one of those...i will instantly love you forever....hints to anyone with dark eyes and dark hair AHEM. anyway! i loved that time with dad it was RARE and i got to speak about my life as a 21 year old! it hasnt changed IM JUST LOVING LIFE INSTEAD! thats what we all should do! find a new person and chat to them u never know what will happen! till next time im blogged out!