Monday, 22 February 2010

The Snow returns!!!

I woke up Sunday morning to find everywhere covered in snow again and it was coming down thick and fast well me and Mark bussed to church as usual - but also as usual I was scared to walk in it, but we had fun and it was fresh crunchy stuff so I was happy. I got to take some really nice photos of some of the kids in my ward - they are so cute - love them to bits. Right Ill get on with the photos - my favourite bit! :-) 

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kirkstall Abbey class

Thought I would feature a few images from Kirkstall Abbey whilst I was on Photoshoot I loved the shots. I cant wait to use the infrared skills Ive learned. EXCITING!...and yes Im on one of them WOW! 

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Days out of half term!

We had alot of fun this week - just to hang out and enjoy being together. Me, my mark, Markie Morrell and Gemma with her brother Josh have been hanging out pretty much all week. We were also joined by Lynne on Monday - if you try to go bowling in half term dont bother because its PACKED! 

Was excited to take photos this week with Josh too - what a great little poser hehe he made us all laugh! I had such fun cant wait to get all the photos back to him. Josh made us a really great caricature and i was so impressed I put it on facebook and will have it hung up I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! will put it on here too...Josh isnt just good at art though - hes pretty much good at anything!! you name it hes good at...

Just a note about the unfocussed image is ON PURPOSE I am trying different things - again if you would like any image just email me and ask. I usually give permission - dont just take it. Right as always onto the photos...We went out past the fun fair and just took photos because it was SOOOO expensive!! so...we watched Markie instead hehe. 

Thanks to Mark and Gems AGAIN for being such friends for letting us drive them crazy again and letting me meet their ace brother!!! We have really enjoyed this time together...

     And thats all folks!!!.....

Friday, 12 February 2010

Be my Valentine - Love you Markie

Ok so we couldnt wait I gave him his gift...Mark told me it was a heart wreath as this was my intention - but the craft store ran out...oh well I spent a good few hours making the card and the wreath. I really loved making it and it turned out pretty well considering I am not that gifted in the craft department. So I was really happy to give Mark it and he looked very happy because I had made it. I asked him to pose for some shots. Aint he cute? I love Markie he is amazing and wanted to give him something that we can keep - roses die and chocolates are gone in two minutes so I got something that shows him I care and think enough of him to stick my fingers together with superglue and prick myself with pins. Hey got to make sacrifices! They turned out even better than expected. Im thankful I have the love of my husband the love of my family and the love of my Heavenly Father to see me through. Happy I love you day everyone :-)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Friends are there for youuuuu!

I always loved the Garfield song - ok so not all of it but the sentiment is good haha

Friends Are There
To Help You Get Started, 
To Give You A Push On Your Way.
Friends Are There To Turn You Around, 
Get Your Feet On The Ground For A Brand New Day
They'll Pick You Up When You're Down
Help You Swallow Your Pride When Something Inside's 
Got To Break On Through To The Other Side
Friends Are Someone You Can Open Up To
When You Feel Like You're Ready To Flip
When You Got The World On Your Shoulders
Friends Are There To Give You A Tip
Friends Are There When You Need Them
Their Even There When You Don't
For A Walk In The Park, For A Shot In The Dark
Friends Are There. Garfield: "I Don't Care"
But Friends Will Care For You-u-u-u-u-u-u!

Ok so...I love my friends and here is why - Love you two!!!