Saturday, 30 October 2010

A typical day at a photoshoot

Well I couldnt post facebook photos today of my actual shoot as its a birthday present and want to keep it secret till then - but I still got chance to take a couple photos after the shoot of the pretty colours and the view...I loved it so much I had to share it 

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Recent photos from my Mobile...

Yeah not too exciting but better prove Im still living - been busy with lots of Photoshoots which I am really grateful for and such an answer to my prayers. So as per usual I will write with pictures and explain whats happened. Enjoy!

 Got to spend some time with our mate Chris on his Birthday - we had some icecream aka posh choc ices :)
 Mark doing his bin man dance when I wasnt very happy :)
 Part 1 of my Photography cases

 Horsforth Park - we had a nice walk but need to have a longer look arround only down the street from me
 A healthy snack of blueberries yummo
 a not so healthy snack but its heart shaped that counts RIGHT?
 Mark on the computer...
 Dont freak I had a tooth pulled and had to document it...I could put on more but wont freak you all out
 my daddy - love my daddyyyyy
 GOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD chocolate icecream...
 My dad taking me home
 the sun set on the way home
 Finally got my hair recoloured! YESSS Thanks mum
 Angelas yummmyyyy home made bread for RS 
 Visiting Teaching - they loved my camera phone
 on my way home...just took the photo as its a photoshop...its OKAY but not somewhere I would go again...
 for Mazzy THESE are my new glasses they are just like yours! But PURPLE
 Mark fixing our squeeky door
 Relaxing ;)
 Me and Mark went to help our friend Rach to paint her looked pretty Awesome!!!
 it was purple and blue before and we all did a great job - but Mark did do most of it
 he didnt like paint on his hands...bless
 and I got to clean the Fish Tank it was SOOOO COOL!
 Paint stain from the makeover ;)
 Pretty day - loved the sky
 bit more of England
 Perdy views

 Part 2 of the photography parcels...wrap them up nice and proper

 Marks hair YES you need to get it cut Mark THE END
 yummy dessert at my parents - BROWNIEEEEEEEEEE HUMMMMM
 Waiting for the bus in Horsforth
 Another view
Another hair piece....Im really liking them at the moment as I look stupid in hats!!!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Cute with kids

Mark will hate me putting this online but i found it really cute. Usually at weddings we are both running arround and dont have time for anything but Mark got to take a little time out with this cute little girl who was mesmarized with bubbles Mark was blowing them for her and this is the effect I got - thanks Mark :)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

A lil' bit of recognition

Stake Primary decided to hold a recognition evening for the children and all their achievements in Faith in God. It was a good evening and finished early! We enjoyed hearing from the kids of each unit and was lovely to know about their experiences. I really hope we can keep doing this as its good to recognise and reflect on the good when so many people focus on the negative in the world. The children are amazing and great example to us. I was really thankful for the evening we had. As always enjoy the pictures.