Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Are you taking the "MIC"?

Hello all you Bloggers and readers...its me! oh no surprise there then? anyway! larisa asked me to record the events happened last week...so i have been composing what i would say...all in all IT WAS AMAZING! i heard many comments like "this has been a great night, are they doing it again?!" i wasnt sure but i heard it from at least 10 ppl maybe more. i got there quite early to help the guys set up...but i didnt think i did too much but it was nice to be settled there before the crowds came i even got to test out the MICS! maybe thats why they where broke ;) (light goes on in my head) haha

i think it started late but we did it properly by a prayer kindly done by lukie! always willing and helpful that dude...but he predicted it hehe but the night got underway with Ryan starting with his songs...and that nicely brought people into the main hall while we where all trying to find our feet for the night...i think everyone felt awkward at first but i wanted to get up and just get the songs over with...id spent a fair few days worrying myself i would mess up maybe i did but i didnt care because i got to share my talent and ryan really supported me...i had cheers but they where kind of a blur! the last song was a special tribute to my nephew that died in child birth and i sang for him...i felt i connected to him in my own lil way...and as i told ryan infront of others...i was sooo thankful he put my words to his music and so we worked together and i had many people say they loved it after i was sooo happy...and my mum came along and shed a lil tear...i know it meant alot...i just wish i could record it for my brother and his wife! i think that will happen in time. i sure hope so...

well after i got down off the stage i was impressed with lukes rendition of "smoke on the water" and his random YEAHHHHH in between cords hehe i had sooo many laughs that night and i also loved it when hayden got up and sang all his respective songs i was sooo impressed...

we had one corner of the room covered in papers of all the songs that where being done that night. it was fun to see all the pure talent in progress! i enjoyed the jam sessions in collision with the kareoke "bar" behind the screens and some of us bopped along to "dont go breaking my heart" i obviously didnt sing enough because i went to do the kareoke sessions and a good group followed while luke was leading that part...

we had a great food spread...sorry had to comment on it! heheh luke did that too goodness me! hes amazing! in fact Ryan and Luke did the majority...but hayden put alot of behind the scenes work into it and even though scott ran away i heard him practise his guitar song and he was really good...i enjoyed the hot pizza who brought those?

next (im going on my experience of the night) i peered over the screens eating my chocolate chip cookie provided by heather and gillian! thank you my loves...and i saw a whole crowd of people included Ryan...Tom...Hayden...and Laryn playing together it was an impressive sight all the YSA buffs playing their master instrument i was thumbs up the whole time...juggling my cookie and camera in my hands and trying not to fall off my chair however i captured a few good photos!

i was accompanied by good friends and i also got to chat to chris jackson and got to take photoswith him im sad he didnt get to perform!!! also spoke to el guapo and exchange high 5's what a guy! he was hiding from the camera i exclaimed WHY YOUR GOOD LOOKIN BOY!! hehe i got to hear some of Ben Balla which was nice and calming, i also heard charlie fishers rendition of alanis morisette and "i said hey whats going on?" i forgot the artists name...but i love the song...my fave female singer of the night was ME no thats a big lie it was in actual fact kate and KISS ME! you rock my dear!!! i was so happy i got to hear her! along with all the applause Chris Jackson got excited and went to actually kiss kate on the cheek AWWW i think he got excited and asked someone out...but yes i wont go there...but we had nice couples sharing the moment together and i think someone got together with someone...love was in the open mic air! i could feel it :D

amongst all the lovely comments...the beautiful singing and the sociable atmosphere the efforts of all involved and the complimentary event made it work, because we PRAYED! haha its true though and people had been ripping their hair out for weeks ryan stayed calm through it all so i have him to thank!!! so with many screams WE WANT ANOTHER ONE!

i dont know if i missed anyone but if i did im sorry i loved all the music...and got to see old friends and met new people! it was a night im glad i didnt miss out on, I LOVED IT! THANK YOU TO THE BRAIN WHO SUGGESTED IT! u ROCK!

Hope you all enjoy the photos! Click to make them bigger...More photos are to come because my blog is being silly

Thursday, 2 March 2006


well im blogging you all again! i just wanted to tell and remind you all (if you already knew) about the upcoming event its gonna be fab SO GET THERE! :D