Thursday, 21 September 2006

Pole perspective...

Pole perspective, originally uploaded by Glam_2006.

So I just thought id send you a quick Blog ive been so busy getting uni done and such...i can see from now on i wont have time to do muche else, but im hoping to keep you informed about whats going on...this is my first enlarged print i was really happy with it. i love the composition, the contrast and nervous about the next briefs such as shooting "organic" work whatever that consists of!!! but i have to leave you now because i have another fun filled day tommorow of madness at Harrogate meeting photo students from last year Au revior!

Thursday, 14 September 2006


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Yes i did these today and i am so proud of them, when i get my large prints (as they are still drying at uni) im gonna scan them and let you see them too! ok so it was only a taster day but i learned sooo much! i love the college, its a way to walk but i do love what i do there, i met some great people kim and brian and randy i think his name was, hehe anyway! i learned film processes and developer, stop and finishing liquid i loved seeing my prints coming up on the enlargers! hehe i am excited i must say IM SHATTERED cos im just not used to it, but i cant wait to see what its all about really! i even had a theme of urban city, i would of liked to do things in town but there u go :) anyway i hope you enjoy my photos! BEX