Tuesday, 29 December 2009

We got a new TV FINALLY!

Me and Mark have had to manage for a few years on a really small TV from my old bedroom. We got a new one off Gumtree today for £25 BARGAIN! its 28 inch and maybe small to some but for us its HUGE! its nearly brand new as well we are so happy and Mark got to watch his ICE HOCKEY he has missed alot. NHL isnt playing in England yet but he has a smile on his face so happy Markie happy me!

Our trip to the Grand Theatre - Chinese Circus

Me and Mark found out about my uncle this morning and was in two minds if we should go tonight or not but we decided to go ahead as I know my Uncle Greg would want me to carry on and go and see it. We got ourselves to town early and headed to Nandos as the chinese restaurant was shut...boo. We still had a good time and I managed to get some Mango and Lime chicken it seemed every time I've asked for it before they have run out. So I really enjoyed it, I am really looking forward to the Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version) that comes out in 2010 (just thought I'd pop that in there:)

Well we then walked from the Light in town to the Theatre not that far really but since I have asthma and its freezing cold, that cold that it takes your breath away it was harder for me but Mark kept me going and was patient. We were one of the first there! We took some photos (as always) to let you see where we went. We got told off for using a camera so I had to stop for the show. Didnt want the shoalin warriors to kill themselves now would we ;-)

Hope you enjoy the photos - I told Mark we needed one together so I did just that. The show was amazing - we saw all sorts of talents mostly acrobatic or atheletic but it was so good. Mark got me a fan and a chinese dragon as he knows I love them so much - thank yoooou. Marks been a star for me today he held me tight when I found out about my uncle - he was devestated too I think. Well thanks for everyone who has been a support as well - my family really appreciate it at this time.


Monday, 28 December 2009

Sad day for the family

I got woken up this morning with a call from my Dad - he told me my mums brother Uncle Greg had passed away in his sleep this morning.  I was in shock and cried for a long time but I know he wouldnt want me to be sad - the only thing is my husband saw him last week and he seemed perfectly fine then.  I cant say im happy at the present time but I know he is in a better place now and maybe the Lord needs him for something special and he needs him more than we do, but boy I will miss him!!!  He was like a second father for me and loved me no matter what, he blessed me as a baby and also was a witness at my temple sealing. Uncle Greg was amazing, so many people are going to miss him - ok I better stop as I'm crying again. Uncle Greg I will miss our talks together - till we meet again I will love your memory and try to always keep upbeat no matter what and try to endure like you did.

I love you


Angela's Famous American Pancake Mix

Here is my sisters famous recipe in these parts - I absolutely love them I still have to master it but I'm getting better. So before I forget here it is:-

Angela's Pancake Mix


8oz Plain Flour
2 heaped tsps Baking Powder
1 heaped tsp Granulated Sugar
Pinch of Salt


Matchbox size of Butter
300ml (1/2 pint) Milk (Semi skimmed/skimmed)
2 Eggs (beaten)


Melt the butter in the microwave in a bowl
Wisk milk and eggs together
Put all wet ingredients together and mix
Then add all dry ingredients together

If mixture is too thick add more milk to make the correct consistency

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas time!

Me and Mark arround our christmas tree - this was actually from 2008 in our first home in Pudsey but the tree hasnt changed and neither have we! haha - Will post more photos of the family this year soon.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

If its good enough for kids its good enough for us!

I took the photo and made this for our stake primary children and I think its fun but has a good purpose...I thought Id share it.

One of my favourite pieces of art work

I love it, simply said...

Institute memories

I've just been going through my old archives and found these two images...Ahh good days...Lindsay Alicia Kat and all you lovely people this is for you...

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Love from the Orient...

Well if you know me well enough you will understand that I absolutely love oriental cultures pretty much China and Japan.  Most of all I love reading about the lives of Chinese people this year I bought a book from a pound shop and the Author Xinran was that good I bought more of her books and wow they are amazing.

Chinese and Japanese culture I have only skimmed the surface of. I have seen oriental blossoms - Geishas, parasols, home made medicines, characters, vibrant colours and so much more. The actual style and culture is amazing, I do know that all of their lives were not so glamorous and some went through so much hardship you cant even begin to know. 

I started young when I saw the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan and that story captured me then I have searched over time and found the book "Memoirs of a Geisha" followed by the Mo vie. I noticed with the films I have seen they are not glamorized or over done. They just have a realistic quality and I like that. I think why I like their culture is because they are humble and kind and keep emotions private. I think in Britain that's a rare thing. When I once sang at a new Chinese members baptism (Agnes Dang Yeng) one of her friends Helen came up to me and told me in genuine kindness a beautiful sentence. " You voice is like a bird that is flying to heaven" How beautiful is that? Not to the fact of she liked how I sang but how it was described very very pictionary and that's the way I work I know they use images or pictures and the characters represent something. I love that way about them too, I love their tea ceremonies (I'm staying with the oriental styles not the country) their kimonos and their hair pieces and combs. 

I really hope one day I can go visit these places, I want to go visit Hong Kong Temple and hope one day China will have one. I miss the Chinese members who have been baptized over the years - they had difficulties like all of us but they handled them so well. Li Li, Nancy, Agnes, Helen and Tom we love you and miss you and where ever you are - we wish you well and that God be with you...

More recently I took an interest in Madame Butterfly and just saw the film version yesterday such a sad story but I know its true and that so many tender young girls hearts would of been broken...made me sad but the element I loved was Butterflys devotion to her husband the absolute love she had for him and waited for him day in and day out. Amazing quality! I'm thankful for her example...

So there you have it my oriental journey so far, I get to see the Chinese circus on the 28th which I'm excited about will have to post some photos on here. Yey I cant wait!!! They will tell the legend of the Monkey King. Watch this space...

Monday, 21 December 2009

Photography by me

Well I havnt posted anything to indicate that I am a photographer - because I have had to return to full time work I havnt done as much as I would like in the area of photography, but this summer wow I did more weddings than ever and I was really happy with how much I progressed thanks to my husband I got to learn Lightroom techniques and have spent time refining myself with that. 

Funny as I read a book that it talked about gaining talents and that anyone can do anything as long as they have that interest for it and the drive and passion to keep up the practise and master it. I really hope in 2010 I can get even better than I am now as I know I have progressed this year. My main goal is to really get some depth in my images. Sure I have lovely images and some are absolute pearlers but I know I can do better with other areas. Afterall I am still "young" in my years and still have lots to learn. I will give you my blog for my photography and you can follow me there. As I am a wedding photographer mostly this is what the blog surrounds. I hope you enjoy it and again let me know your thoughts.

Here are some examples of my images...

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow...

Well its got really frosty over these past few weeks and as I promised I thought I would add some photos. I am going to add some of the view from our "loft" window its interesting how its got all the particles I thought it was nice anyway. 

I am really enjoying finding beautiful things arround me at the moment. I hope I can keep this going, I enjoy it - I'll also put a photo of our little tree. So what if its small we like it - theres time in the future for big numbers.

Christmas is just round the corner...CRAZY! I will have to take some photos. Yey!

A new arrival in the family...

We have 2 new babies in the family - we have Oliver Winter, hes such a lovely little baby and looks like his brother joshua, I can't wait to get some photos of them together and you will see what I mean. My dad took great joy in giving him a hug and letting me take some photos of him. I had to be quick as he had to go back to his mummy. I love it when we have new ones in the family My cousin had a beautiful little boy too called Isaac Grice. Hes lovely and I may have to put a photo on of him too...hes such a cutie, babies are deffinately miracles and I love giving them huggles.

Photos of Oliver and George by me 
Photos of Isaac and Simon & Amy by Helen Rose (shes amazing!)

My Favourite Scripture

I thought I'd share this because it has been my favourite scripture for a long while now.

"Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage, be not afraid neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest." Josha 1.9

I remember learning this when I was just 12/13 in my Young Womens class and since then it has stuck with me. I really loved learning this and when I have times when I am down I just remember who is looking over me and that I dont need to ever be afraid.

I hope you all have your own scripture or collection of scriptures that give you comfort.

Another that I draw from is Ether 12:27 - because I have many failings thats ok because I can turn to the Lord and he helps me in EVERYTHING that I do. I am so thankful for the scriptures, Im glad I started about 9 years old reading just 10 verses each day and I havnt stopped since. I am so happy for them.

Yey, please comment if you like. Comments always welcome.

Much Love

Rebecca Northcott

Friday, 18 December 2009

Its all on a laptop...

Well here I am sitting eating my tuna sandwiches - just got back from having a chest X-ray to decipher what has been going on with my chest. Its been snowing over night and there's a field outside of my window where a man and his dogs are playing catch. Its really pretty outside but boy is it cold.

I decided I really need to keep this blog - just because I need to. I have been sat at home on my own mostly this week whilst spluttering and taking medicine - Mark has been working hard on his architectural work and has been doing some freelance work. Hes really good at it and he always doesn't think so. I am same in a way with my photography - you are always your own worst critic.

So Christmas is next week and I feel like I haven't been apart of any preparations just because I have been out of it. Last weekend was probably the worst when I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow for 3 days. ARGH it was really bad I don't ever want to feel that bad again but I guess once I have my babies that will probably be the case.

Here I am just over a year being a wife and me and Mark have grown up together and matured not too much thought hehe ;) but I do love him more on a different level I think its nice when you can see how your growing separately but together. He's doing such a great job as a Ward Clerk Assistant - so much so that everyone is is coming to him for advice and help. He really puts his heart into what he does and his motto is "if I can help you I will!" only when he doesn't know how to do something then he wont. Always gives his best though and that's what I am impressed about.

Well I have a lot of picture posts to come but I thought I would do my Blurb first :) I really hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones. Please remember what Christmas is truly about. I really hope I can give of myself to help others :)

Much love

Rebecca Northcott

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Stake Primary Christmas Party

Yey we had alot of fun doing this although I have been really ill, we had lots of fun with the kids making all sorts of things the young children did chocolate logs the older ones did truffles and in other rooms they made little baskets and wreaths all good things the children could take home and either show their parents and/or eat. Maybe the sugar went too far though as they were running arround really hyper. I think its always hard to have LOTS of children all in the same place and make sure they are all doing what they are supposed to but I still loved it and we had some lovely moments.