Monday, 27 June 2011

My own garden was not enough...ahem!

Yes indeed I wasnt happy doing mine alone, so I went to go help weed and plant in my best mates garden. Yes how we all worked hard and look how perdy it is now...ahhhh!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

a bitta Plant nation!....Part 7?

Oh they say when theres that many parts to a story its gotta be a good plants, ahhhh yes my lovely plants...well everything is going well especially my Peas...lovely lovely peas...I bought some fragrant stocks the other day and planted that in a spare bit of pot I had and it looks nice but its dying already...just because it had already bloomed oh well! So the Dianthus have come out fully now and they are an array of pinks...because the spacing is a bit bare I got some busy lizzies and filled in some spaces. Hey Im still learning so no better way to learn than on the job! My spring onions are getting huge now and I thnk ill be able to eat some in like 3 weeks. My peas are getting buds to flower so they should be coming along in about 3 weeks too...Im quite excited about the peas I always like them raw and fresh....yummm Im going to go down there and eat them before my dad does because hes coveting them already ARGH hehe I dont mind theres more than enough to share.  Well most of the pansies have died and opened their pods with seeds enclosed. I thought I was seeing some inside of an alien but no...they were indeed the seeds...Im always milling about the garden now I much prefer it to TV or even the internet. SHOCK HORROR! Dont get me wrong photography and editing are my first loves but i think this is fast becoming my fave thing to do when Im not taking photos of course. So that has been my life pretty much...plant eat edit sleep or edit eat plant edit sleep. Yep sounds boring I know but I enjoy it, it keeps me busy and I get to do the things I enjoy. I got to be able to give in my passport today to get me on the first step to going to Canada, the next step however is the most 'orrible process Ive been through...meh! VISA grrrr woof woof. Me no likey Visa!!! If i didnt have to do it I soooo wouldnt. But one HUGE problem, no visa no Markey! People keep asking me why i havnt applied for it yet and why is everything taking so long...I DUNNO ask the VISA PEOPLE! well I know I have to give it in first but have you seen the bigggg mammoth forms...they may as well ask me what my little figure measures because they want to know EVERYTHING did you eat breakfast this morning was it cereal did you have milk WHY didnt you have milk - what is your intentions with that spoon - ahh just kidding but you get me right some STUPID questions! Well thats pretty much all thats interesting in my life. If you want to see my professional photos and what Im doing there go see

Now onto some photos...drum rolll pleaseee

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