Monday, 22 August 2011

Georgieeeboy Adventures

So dad has had to become my assistant over these past few months and he has loved it. To test a shoot in the rain he had to become my model I know he loves it :-) heres a few of Dad I've taken various places. I want lots of photos of the family now before I leave to go to Canada thats what Im going to do before I go. Well hope you like seeing whats Gerogieeeboy is up to hehe. He told me a few weeks ago at a wedding that he saw helping me being an opportunity to spend time with me before I leave for good to go to Canada - isnt he a sweetie? I love him soooo much :)

Lil man came to visit

I had a visit from little Alex and his mummy Gemma - Alex has been the only baby I have seen just hours after birth but hes growing so fast now and its' lovely to see how hes growing and learning and how he responds to the TV. I think when I have my own kids they will be the most photographed in history hehe! I love babies and kids - I love their little ways their smiles, how happy they are and they have no fear whatsoever. I think we can learn alot from them. Heres a few of Alex watching one of his kiddy shows. Even I thought they were cute...I was sat there staring too :D

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Goal for Canada

Even though I LOVE taking photos of the sights and what is going on around me, I need to make a conscious effort to take photos of me and Mark more - especially while I'm over in Canada so that's what I'm going to do to aim to have one nice photo (be that funny or normal) of me and Mark together.

I have had tons of people ask me how I'm feeling or how mark is doing I know people are doing it because they are concerned or just interested. But you imagine being asked the same question day in and day out. It is getting a little tedious to me. Of course I miss him but I'm not going to sit and wallow either I'm busy with loads of different assignment, photo shoots, editing, my calling, my course etc etc Ive had up and down times. I also am in need to see Mark now its been long enough 7th Feb he left its been over 6 months now. I think I'm well over due! 

Update on my plants...they have been either eaten or enjoyed - disappointment...POPPIES! they have grown sporadically and then die within not a happy bunny! but I must admit the colours are amazing and I am glad even if I only get to enjoy them a few days in a row. We have feasted on the peas and spring onions its a bit disappointing when you reach the end of your harvest...however big or small. The chives didn't work out I have learned my lesson. don't put them in too shallow soil because they don't have enough room and struggle to grow. Triumphs - spring onions TONS of them mum said she hasn't had to buy any for weeks now and I have just pulled the last lot out. I think she wants me to grow some lettuce. I will admit I haven't been out in the garden as much its not as exciting when you don't have much to grow...

Some things Ive been thinking about...I've always thought about a story or a journey in a story or our lives stay with me I'm not going far fetched - have you always wanted to get to the end of something. like maybe win the prize for something...and your REALLY wanting to get to the end like a marathon...well I have been feeling that all my life...just put up with it till you get to the end. Well I have just learned for myself its about enjoying life on the way - and usually the ending is never good enough. FOR ME. Anyway I know growing up I always felt like I had to be the mature one and always wanted to be organised and perfect - and yes that is a great thing to be but if i was just that and never have good fun I don't mean owt dodgy here...but if I don't enjoy the ride then there no point to living really is there?

This is why I know even though I have a sea of friends who I love dearly - I don't have anyone close though, I look at my sister who is amazingly good at being a friend who reaches out and touches peoples lives. I'm not saying I don't do any service but I don't feel that I'm doing my best in that area. I really am rubbish at being a friend. The only person who is my best friend is hubby Mark who assures me I'm a fantastic friend but I don't feel up to grade in myself...not comparing myself. Maybe I just need to change my perception of what a friend is...

Of all the things the YW have taught me it is about enjoying the moments of your life. Yes sometimes they annoy me when they get messy and scream at the slightest thing. But they amaze me too all the small deeds I see them do for each other. Their enthusiasm for life. Every girl is very different but they all have great qualities. I do love them very much and even though they think I want to desert them to go to Canada I really will miss them. 

So we are all on a journey...I hope you are enjoying yours. :)

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