Friday, 29 April 2011

a bitta Plant nation!....Part 3

Yesss more planting from me!
Ive sort of caught the planting/gardening bug, the only thing I dont enjoy is cutting grass and my dad loves to do that - but hes doesnt like to plant or spend time "faffing" so its win-win for both of us. I chuckled to myself the other day whilst planting...saying to myself "who'd of thought I of all people would enjoy gardening" I never ever planted a thing in my life!! Well I started with the pansies and now Ive planted spring onions, peas, will be planting chives. Then flowers are freesias, dianthus, lupins just went in tonight, and another type of flowering seed Ive forgotten what its called. Im going to be planting the chives and morning glory flower/seeds sometime soon. I really do love it...Im taking care of them all...and my little seedlings of spring onions are now sprouting...Im like AHHHHH when I saw them this is what they look like now... and will hopefully turn into whats below it!


LUPINS - I planted today perdy!!
MORNING GLORY - These are going to be fun to watch!
So thats the gardens for now...I wil keep you posted on how they all look! :D

Sunday, 17 April 2011

a bitta Plan Nation! Part 2

Well the plants have been growing and I decided to go and upturn some more soil round the back of the house so we could plant some more things. I really like planting in the sunshine...the only time I dont is when macker wasps come arround GRRR I really hate them with a passion - yes I said hate. Anyway I really love all the colours that are arround in spring I really love it and feel Im being blessed as the scripture/quote "all things denote there is a God" People are going to think Im crazy thinking planting makes me feel that way but I kee seeing lovely things and really it makes me appreciate and realise even more that the Lord is there and he loves us and sent us these things to enjoy. So I took some more photos. Im trying to take it easy with the asthma dealio - and yes pollen count is up yes a-thank-you. I just wanted to get out and enjoy the sun...sat on my back porch turning the weeedddds. Yes lovely...hope you like the photos to se my progress.  PS Ive planted some spring onion :D

Thursday, 14 April 2011

What to do when you sick...

Yeah so I get this really tight chest before singing in a choir ive been rehersing in for ages - what a wonderful experience one of the best ive had in my life. The tight chest was not favourable however...I dont know why but over the past few years Ive had chest infections or some wheezyness on and off...and no ones ever really said YOU HAVE...thats good ol' NHS for you. Well I went to the doctors after nearly passing out...He said you may have asthma...but your definately a WHEEZERRR in his strong scottish accent. So now I have 2 inhailers - joy to the world...wouldnt mind so much if I has GAINED weight - Ive been losing! Anndddd this happens...anyway we shall keep going with it and hopefully all being well if I keep taking them they will help me and I can get back to nromal routine. I was that bored with sitting arround I cleaned the fridge top to bottom and cooked tea...I NEVER DO THAT! anyway im still trying to rest, still have pain when i breath but its much better now. I just gotta get rid of the other nasty bugglies. So I thought what can I do while Im ill. I can catch up on my course I can finish up my photo editing and INSPIRATION always good. I normally cant sit for too long - but I HAVE to right now...anyway so I looked up some really lovely eye candy for my visual senses. I was so happy when i found Alexander McQueen...breath of fresh air...he was just amazin with his ideas! anyway here are some of his concepts and pieces I love right now...


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Slimming it down...

Well this is more of a "this is how you once was" post. Some may know that I have been losing weight and if you dont - its no biggie, if i havnt told you how much Ive lost its because its personal and I want to go at my own pace. Well I had to give up Zumba and now Im seeking to go do Aqua Aerobics now - which I was MORE tired at doing but I really enjoyed it. I saw a ton of people I know too. Im really thankful that I had the courage to go on my own. Anyway Im including a photo sort of like an outfit post but not - I really like what Im wearing Im also putting it on for Mark as he doesnt get to see his not so little princess hehe 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

a bitta Plan Nation!

I really enjoyed planting today - it was really thereputic for some reason, you may laugh that this is my first time to garden, my mum always did it and wish I would of spent more time watching her and going out with her to grow things. Im hoping to grow some spring onions with her sometime that would be really nice.
So as per usual heres some photos I planted earler...