Wednesday, 29 December 2010

What I made for baby Alex

Last week I also got to see my best friends Mark and Gemma bring their little angel Alex into the world. What a little stunner he is. I was really blessed to see him not long after he was born and such a sweet serene baby. I told Mark I love him already :) If there is any people worthy of parenthood its Mark and Gemma, such amazing people and I know Alex is a very special little baby. I took a photo with my mobile I cant wait to take photos for real with my proper SLR :)

I also made a frame (its becoming a tradition) for them and I love making it its simple but so pretty - painting it white makes it so workable with ANYTHING! So enjoy the pictures...

Remember - Uncle Greg

I got to go to my uncles grave yesterday and even though it was a short trip (ice was really bad) I got to say I loved him and missed him in my own mind. We all promised to go back when its not so icy and make sure its kept nice. I know a grave cant bring a person back but I think its only respectful to go and see them especially when they were so close to you. Uncle Greg was amazing and could always talk me out of a problem or help me with something I was worried about even if it was just a phone call - it really made all the difference. I think of him often :) Love you Uncle Greg I know your not too far away - but I still miss you 

Here is a photo of his grave site (the one and only photo I took!)

Photography Influences

I keep having quite a few people ask me who my favourite photography influences are - I have many but I have 3 main people I look at more FREQUENTLY than most. The main factor to photography I love is LIGHT and BRIGHTNESS, SOFTNESS is also a factor

First of all a girl who I have been following for years....and years... The wonderful Lara Jade here is her website. Lara Jade Photography - she is soooo amazing love the softness of her images I first saw her on the artist website Deviant Art and have been following her since. She creates beautiful images and so creative and innovative. I wish I had her creative ability! WOW 

Second is a lady I know more pesonally her name is Misty Misty Alger Photography I saw her work a few years ago when my friend got engaged and I think her work is stunning she has been doing photography for a long time and ask her for advice - always so helpful and caring. If you go to the USA you should get in touch for a session! 

Third is the beautiful Kristen Duke Kristen Duke Photography such light in her images - I love how she takes photographs, she has helped me this past year so much! Again I love her creative ideas, how she organises families and clothing choices. Im a little bit jealous of her jewellery and accessory link ups ;) but wow I do love her photographs. 

So thats it from me I really need to get creative myself again - I have already started but as a photographer you have moments in your mind with tons of ideas then you have times of blankness...its part of being human! I really love google for searching ideas too and theres all this knowledge to your finger main point you can NEVER stop learning! 

Love me my photographyyyy

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Photography couple at a wedding...part 3

So we were at another couples wedding today and I just fell in love with the kiddies they were smiling and laughing with me all the time. One little girl kept saying in the SWEETEST voice please and you come and dance with know with those HUGE gorgeous eyes I said I will in a little bit sweetie I just have to take some more photos then I will come dance. Well after the third time of asking I couldnt refuse then everyone wanted to come hold my hand and dance...At one point four kids wanted to and Im like lets do it in a circle...was so sweet and I loved every moment Mark captured a picture when I had no idea NAUGHTY MARK!! lol but I really found it a lovely experience :D yey for little ones.