Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Christmas Traditions...

Remember the traditions of the past...i thought id maybe share a couple of mine, id always have a wash for santa coming, and my mum and dad would buy MATEY bubble bath..its changed alot now to be commercialised, but i really used to look forward to it, i just always remember it! and now my mum and dad told me it was to represent my cleanliness my rededication to christ they never taugh me verbally then. but it was just really nice to think back on it, maybe you all think thats weird but it helped me appreciate what i was being "clean" for. so hense here is a bottle for you to see!

Also we always decorate the house with everything and USUALLY or we used to sit arround putting our own initial bauble on the tree ahhh good going to show you a photo but will replace it with the true picture soon! hope your getting ready for the real spirit of chrismas its nearly upon us! HO HO HO!!!

More Recently we have been working on snow men well for like a few years and last year we finished they are sequins on a skirt for the christmas tree...i love them because they are all sparkly, so i took a photo for you all so you can see. well i cant think of any others for the here and now ive just been carol singing and i took no photos poop but it was a fun night hehe! i love IKEA haha well, hope you tell me YOUR Christmas Traditions! lv me

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Tuesday, 13 December 2005

SeRiOuSlY SaNtA!

Heres a picture
for the day i
thought it was
sweet but this
photo is thanks
to my mum!

Balls 'R' us!

hey its moi again!

I wanted to bring you the

fun and festivity of the season

with all the rhyme and reason...

of all the photos of shakin stevens!

hehe hey it did rhyme whey!

But anyway i all hope your having a GREAT christmas time just Teaching the nursery kids last week brought it all home for me!

Remember the TRUE meaning of christmas and the best way is giving of yourself to the Saviour! well i hope you have fun with my photos LOVE BEX

the ball was really fun the choir was great! and its just a really good time of year from me APART FROM THE COLDS boo! :(anyway keep smiling everyone your ALL great!)

Monday, 5 December 2005


YO HO HO EVERYONE (in a dodgey santa claus tone) well i hope you all have had a good weekend mine was full of fun and festivity, also its been a hard week in my calling in Nursery too but im learning all the time! so the highlights for me in my boring old life, that gave it some KICK! yes i got to go to the YSA dinner and Dance, i could not BELIEVE the food the francoms had put on they are the BEST! there was loads left over, but not because no one liked it. BUT BECAUSE WE WHERE SO FULL AFTER THE FIRST SITTING! they really did an AMERICAN dinner for us, i was so amazed No one knows it but Brother and Sister Francom was there from 9 AM they neevr sat down just always cooking and and preparing things for the event they are WONDERFUL people I LOVE THEM TO BITS, so i publicly thank them for making a wonderful atmosphere for all the YSA to come together! THANK YOU...i wish i could summerize everything for you all. Just know i had a really fun time! i got to speak to old and new friends. and had a really good laugh you dont always have chance to do that. but i certainly did this past friday! here are some pictures to show you of the event...

After the food we had a really fun SEROC experience YES EMMA if your reading it...WE DID IT! i didnt personally because i was taking photos but it was fun to watch! (not that i could dance anyway) but yes it was good to be able to see some couples together AWW! i said behind my camera it will feature towards the end of todays Blog! i had to get the photo of the Francoms though, i got some other fun ones but i jsut wont put them on because i may embarrase people MR POLLARD :P haha ok ok! well we had a real good time altogether. we did dance towards the end...the best prayer i ever heard was, we are thankful that we TRY to dance...or soemthing along those lines, well i did try! hehehe i love it haha but i had a blast, groove in the heart was always a favourite to me. i got on and boogied! i love my little possie that join me when i dance its a great feeling, even if the music isnt always supportive! i didnt want to leave only because quoir was going to be on i need to go have rest...yes i know it was SUNDAY the concert but still i needed to prepare lessons for Nursery! :)

Always nursery is a challenge i know the Lord wants me in there though. sometimes i have contention and hard times but like i said it WILL make me stronger the children i LOVE to bits! i just cant wait until they actually WANT to come to nursery. i know change is hard for me, for anyone really, but the scriptures and my good friends are keeping me sane! well i will show more photos from the event friday...dont want ya all to fall asleep, thanks for your comment andrew hehe and i thought no one read my BLOG i was WRONGGG!...

ok so maybe ill write about Choir too! i nearly forgot, im trying to write here at least once a week! so ill make it count. i read on BYU-I that blogging is like an online journal for its students so i guess it is for me too i know Larisa is a success you GO GIRL! i was going to ask does Becca have a blog too? she should have one! hehe but yes i love to blog once i get into the writing mood, so keep watching out for more. Choir on Sunday we got to church for 5pm after intensive rehersal with coughing water sipping, nose blowing we pulled through it all. poor Andrew i hope your better! we need your voice, my favourite performance was the candle light carol no not because my sister sang in it, but i loved the small group, probably our best singers in that lil group. but i really loved it it captured the Christmas Spirit for me. and why because i wasnt singing in it! hah no i really did love it! we all did great you guys im really happy to be apart of choir! thanks guys for making it worth it (even thouhg im ill today) LOVE YA BEX

Thursday, 1 December 2005

Photo Journal, memories for you all

Photos i wanted to share thats happened
over these past couple months

Dad "A TOP BLOKE" nice one!


Bountiful Temple...ITS BEAUTIFUL!

Chillin down the I-15

keep it together...

Salt Lake Temple

Im seeing Double elbuoD! AT BYU-I

TO blog or NOT to blog? that is the question!

After a month at my new job i wanted to come and write something, i really miss doing this everyday! but i wanted everyone to see my last entry about the NEW ERA it seems not too many people have noticed but its ok! its only my name in small print...still it isnt about recognition its about achieving something that you never thought possible and thats me!

So much as my photography, i have been asked to do many different photo shoots, some come thick and fast some never, but hey all in good time, i had the priveledge of taking pictures of my new Cousin Josh! he is beautiful and i had chance to do some really nice photos with my dad holding him! i saw a quote or "phrase" you miss 100% of the photos you dont take and i realised i forgot to take photos of the FUN events the DAY TO DAY things, i guess working wears you out! but i hope i never forger to have FUN!!!

But Institute was fun this week, i forget to get involved some weeks, you jsut get into choir and sing but i just enjoyed it this week...i jsut stood up and took this photo to the left, JOYOUS RAPTURE! ahah im sure everyone was in shock, marr they didnt even notice. i loved the feeling there we had great visitors, Andy and Helen. i met some new faces, chatted with some and jsut had a blast. i cant wait for the meal this friday, I NEED TO GET OUT MORE! i decided i need to socialize a little more since i got called into nursery, im more of a stranger to everyone, so watch out everyone i could POP out anywhere :D