Thursday, 29 March 2007

love makes you weak at the knees
but strong enough to fight

love makes you laugh
but cry sometimes late at night

love makes you hurt
but makes you feel just right

love can put you in dark times
but forever the light shines bright

love can make you free
but you're always held on tight

love may be blind
but always has you in sight

love has a lot of pain
but it's also a delight

love lasts every day
and love lasts every night

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Flickr frippery

Well its been a while since ive written on here, YES im still alive - very busy but still alive!

things that have annoyed me resently are, i produce good work and i still dont get noticed on flickr! i dont get it!!! but theres worse that can happen in life

another thing to bug me is - my lecturer fraser never helpful even though he tutors me for everything! GRR lol but i have to admit ive progressed alot with my work this year, my studio work is getting alot better.

Mark has been recently and i advise you to look at me and Marks blog, so you can read up on our "adventures" the main event we had was my studio final project, i have 3 shoots and they are meant to be using a specific discipline from this years work. IE Portraits, studio, digital manipulation, fashion ETC so ive sorta decided to combine them and add to them, My studio work has let me down recently so i wanted to enhance and improve my studio and use a strength to get furthur.

i havnt heard from alot of people recently so please write me and let me know HOW THE HECK YOUR DOIN! im gonna try blog a bit more often. so you can all keep up with what im doing...

Monday, 26 March 2007

my mad melon!

Marks been here this week, and its been good as ever, sure we have got to learn each others worser habits, picking noses etc hehe but its been great specially cos he spent alot getting me clothes MWHAHAH!
On the way to taking him home to the airport to fly back, we went to the temple and dad took some pics of us together, i really loved having them with him, i know many couples have photos done here from their weddings etc and so i felt really nice being with him and havin that half an hour jsut walking round and feeling happy to be beside him.
he said "its nice to tour the temple you will get married in" and i knew this would be rightly so...other things we did consisted of,
saturday, picking him up sleeping and eating a chinese take away and just chatting.
sunday - church , ysa and nursery followed by sunday dinner and then the leeds easter concert while marks hearing aid popped during emma t's performance that made me chuckle sooo bad!
monday - we slept in quite late but went walking to my old school and saw places right near where i lived, walking and chatting and then went to boots and good old morrisons for a bit to eat and prepared for our picnic for the abbey the day after, we then had family home evening and watched special witnesses of christ. what a great vid!
tuesday - went to kirkstall abbey and had photos done and such had our nice picnic which i prepared mark had turkey and tomatoe lettuce and mayo/butter, and i had ham and lettuce and mayo, original I KNOW! anyway we had a nice time walkin arround and just talking again and having chance to freeze round the grounds! but it was lovely all the same i told him of the great legend ghost the blue lady he seemed a little scared after that! we departed shortly after which made him forget our blanket we took hehe but we got it back, then that night we went for a chinese buffet only to be greatly dissapointed the place had changed and hardly had anything i liked i was MIFFED! and mark got mad at the staff for not being helpful. but we got the bus while freezing again and got to walk hand in hand always lovely!!
wednesday - we went SHOPPING and made preparations for my uni shoot, the plan was to make a jekyl and hyde character, and so i wanted to do that so we got some hair gel red/blue and also got other things for it, we went round our fave place IKEA and saw some of the things we want in our future home. plus mark got me some new clothes and they are beautiful i have to thank him. also went to borders and TGI FRIDAYS which was a whole lot better than the night before because we got proper service and I GOT CHEESE STICKS the Lord really does love me!!! he sent cheese sticks to england! hehe we got home and chilled out after that and just spent the night talking about all sorts.
Thursday was STRESSFUL but also VERY worth it, i spent the day setting up studio and putting marks makeup on, took like an hr to do, and then i went to shoot for an hour too. the results where amazing, and i really am impressed with them if you would like to see the results please follow the weblink to my fickr will see them there. we also got to spend some time watching lost, cool runnings and hockey. he loves it, well i had to prepare for uni again so we had an early night...
Friday - uni resumed as normal we had a portrait challenge to go on the front of a mag so i grabbed mark again and my work wasnt the greatest in comparison to the work the day previous, but i got on with it. it seemed the week went as fast as im typing it or even faster! we spent the last night watching church vids and also a family vid and 7 brides for 7 brothers HINT HINT hehe. but no it was great, we had moments where we hugged or talked or annoyed or got bossy ME MOSTLY! and also we saw each other in like tiredness and makeuplessness...
saturday - was our last day together, he stroked my nose and we sat in the back of the car just sleepingon each others shoulder and went to the temple, which i loved, going to the airport shortly after was fine for me well we had a breakfast and talking holding hands, i thought im doing great here!!! i wont cry like last time! then it was time for him to say bye after all the play fighting and teasing at the breakfast table it was time for me to take him to the security desk and say bye, we kissed and hugged and i jsut kept saying its ok go but we jsut couldnt seem to leave each other. but we finally did and i knew id see him again soon as im going for a vacation there. it will be excellent but it didnt make it any easier, he went through the door and i cried again and i couldnt stop, im sure people thought i was on something. but i just got in the car and drove away, dad jsut spoke to me and comforted me, but i seemed to get better.
And now...hes at home resuming our msn time together and phone calls, i miss him greatly, but i wouldnt change having this time together. the test will be in june...but i know love and faith can move mountains. he is my greatest supporter, even if its to shout at a chinese waiter for not getting me water.
i love you markie!!!

Sunday, 11 March 2007

one more week!!!

today would make the one week mark for when i get to see rebecca's eyes in person again.

to feel her close to me again.

it's been a long time since i've had her in my arms, 3 months to the day actually. on the 15th it will be our 6 month anniversary since we've been together.

she's always able to make me smile..
her voice is so soulful and angelic
her pictures are wonderful and spiritual
her smile is addictive.
she's supportive of everything i do
she's able to lift my spirits by simply talking to me

she makes me smile




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