Saturday, 1 September 2007

the after-vacation

"HI CAN I HAVE TWO LARGE HOT CHOCOLATES WITH MILK!!!" - me with a deep voice at the speaker.
This is the last picture of me and Rebecca together. we had just spent nearly two hours shooting our own engagement pictures by the baseball diamonds in riverside park, and my new fiancée has often many cravings for Tim Horton's hot chocolates and krullers. What monster have I created???

It was a wonderful vacation and I'll cherish the memories we had of times together. man, we went all over! we went to more places than I've ever been in 6 weeks! Toronto, CN tower at sunset, Toronto harbour, Niagara falls (twice), home (St. Thomas) Guelph, Palmyra New York, Ikea 3 times (and once we didn't buy anything!) and we had a blast everywhere we went!

We rented videos nearly every day, watched every movie I never watched before and plenty i have that she hasn't. we went to a drive-in theatre and although the movies weren't so great we still had a fun time. somewhere there's a video of me singing stranded at the drive-in from grease, good times. they'll think he's all gona-a-wonk. I said that in it. funny. I'm like that.

One other thing that my Rebecca was so enthralled with was the dollarama. we went there like 20 times. becky's suitcase was 90% dollarama stuff, 10% everything she originally brought. i paid $80 for the baggage weight overruns when she flew back (ok so she paid me back 60 of that but i'm an old bag i complain to have to pay anything). next time i think it'll be cheaper to just ship it all back. i have my mom to blame partially for this, but i also have myself to blame. i showed her the store in stone road mall when i was getting her engagement ring. she never looked back from that time. i went back 30 minutes later and she hadn't been through half the store yet. she's like I'm buying stuff for you, I'm like good cause i don't know how you're getting all that back to England! it was really nice of her, she loves shopping for me especially the first time we went to Ikea (i needed stuff but I waited just for her to come to buy it all with me).

She helped me move into my new apartment on the 30th of June. it will be a day I will always remember. we got up early.. well, fairly early.. OK like 9:00. that's early for a Saturday!! everything had been moved into the living room of the place the night before, just a few things stayed in the same places, like my computer and all. my parents phoned me up and told me that they were at the other place and i went there. took care of all the stuff they brought and when I got back my brother and his truck had been there for a while and it was full and the bulk of the living room stuff was in it already. Bex helped him get it all in there. she was exhausted already then. we had hardly started then yet. it took 3 hours and lots of work to get it all taken care of. afterwards we went to Swiss chalet for lunch. I paid, it was the least I could do for all their help. Mom and dad told us to go home and just relax, and they'd take care of a few things we still needed and that they needed for themselves. i was running on autopilot at that time and was just all over the place and exhausted. i really am grateful for Rebecca though because she kept me going, and less than a few days later we were 100% settled in.

She was more exhausted than i was, so i made her dinner and it was lovely! spaghetti... we had an awesome conversation and we were totally feeling the spirit together. I felt it was good timing. I went out to my car's glovebox and got a bag out of it. I quickly returned but yeah, I'm sure at that time Bex knew what was going on. I went back to her and got down on my knee, and asked her to marry me. it wasn't as nerve-racking as it could've been if it weren't at such a perfect moment like it was. it was such a great day for us, and i'll have it no other way. the ring i got her has 15 diamonds in it, 3-diamond setting with an eternity banded top. there are hearts in the setting and it's engraved "Past, Present, Future".. wish i could make it say forever instead of future...nothing could say anything more than that's how much I love her. Eternally.

Seeing Rebecca leave on the 19th of July was perhaps the most sad moment of my life. to slow time down then would've been my ultimate prayer. I didn't want to let go of her. but eternity means that she will one day return to my arms. I know that. and I'm grateful for that.

I love you Rebecca with all my heart.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

to the top of the world and back!

WOW! yesterday was fantastic! we went all over the place in Toronto - if people once said to me toronto is Canadas capital i would believed them! its got everything! its like New York! but very different too - i love how many cultures reside there - how much art there is too look at - how easy it is to get food (of course!)

The highlight of the day for me was to be able to see the city from a boat ride away - it was awesome i got great photos which i SHOULD include here!! i also got my crops ripped silly me - but never mind, i got to be able to see the CN Tower me being as dumb as i am mark says " oh by the way this is the tallest thing on the earth" i knew it was large but until i saw it i was like GULP...ermmm okay! i got to the top a treat and found i quite liked walking on glass that made me feel like i was gonna fall - thankfully the glass could hold up to 14 hippos (RIGHTTT) like they tried that one - anyway! i aint doubting alot of people where on it so i was like OK I CAN DO THIS! and i was the first mark limped behind - IM GONNA BE A MACHO GIRLLL lol

i loved seeing the harbourfront gallery/museum - it was an experience, sure if my silly back wouldnt of been hurting id probably seen ALOT MORE! me and mark got to the car finally at 10 and we did soooo much more than just what ive mentioned! but we finished the day off with real - huge drink of lemonade and some kiddy candy floss YEY! me loved it...

i will be sure to add more later! love bex

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Flowers of the future...

Mark bought me some more flowers the past week and they where absolutely beautiful, anyway i was looking at the background when i was shooting photos of them, and in my kitchen is pictures of my grandad and grandma, about the age they where getting married, and so i shot it like this on purpose.

Even though flowers will die and fall, love wont especially not for me. No im not one of these unrealistic people where i say "hes perfect and nothing will ever go wrong" i know things are meant to be challenging and that if someone leaves clothes on the bedroom floor and i eat my nails. Its all part of growing in appreciation for each other. Thats my philosophy anyway!
im really proud of markie, hes shown me so many miricles! growing up in the church you sorta get set in your ways and think this is the only way and you have blinkers on. i always told myself this wont ever work, he cant change but he has so much. he wasnt that bad to start off with. Yes things had to go but i know hes done so much and for HIMSELF i know he did things at first because of me but then i know the truth of the gospel touched him, specially about temple marriage and having a family forever, i think that was the turning point for him when i told him my testimony and i think he felt the spirit.

i have been apprehensive in the past to say how and when i love someone as i have always felt ill get hurt with mark from the start ive been so open and feeling comfortble i cant imagine being with anyone else. im so proud of him. hes the best thing in my world, universe cosmos whatever you wanna say. (not meaning to be cheesy)
anyway i do love the picture i took i think i will submit it for the flickr world day! it was 5th of may...OH i have to tell you about uni i just had a presentation that lasted just over 35 mins which was meant to be only 10-15 mins but its ok! i will get more marks most likely. guess who helped me? MARK sat through me reading my notes and showing my presentation powerpoint. because of him, my blessing and prayers of others i was EXCELLENT! i saw the feedback from others in the group and the only negative thing they said was it was a little too long, but interesting nevertheless. i did admit i was a latter day saint in the group and i was really proud and felt liberated to be able to tell people.
Mark is my greatest fan and when i feel like giving up he gives me a boost. he listens to be waffle and also gives me constructive criticism when i need it. i love him with all my heart and soul!!



it's been a while since anything was posted here by either of us.
we are still very much in love with each other, and everyday i feel a million times more in love with her.

she has made me open up so much. i'm usually quite a reserved person and it used to take liquid courage to get me to say anything personal. i'm proud i've broken down walls in the past few months. i could never be more happy with myself or with her.

she's helped me know that with strong work ethics and strong spiritual guidance anythign is possible. a year ago, i had none, and it's been something of awe and realization of myself. rebecca will never let me slip, she's strong enough to catch me as i fall, and strong enough to lift me to an even better stance. there's not a doubt in my mind that she's the girl for me. she's spiritual, beautiful, smart, talented, homorous, colorful, outgoing, experimental and forgiving.

i know the lord has made me wait this long, just for her. i'm grateful to the lord and heavenly father for her. i have a strong personal testiomny that they have done this for us. it's all i can do to return the love back to them. i love my brother, jesus christ. he has stood beside me and answered my prayers and given me the guidance and direction i need. i have read the scriptures for nearly two straight weeks non-stop now. i pray every night that i can keep that going strong and it has helped in every way! i feel inspired that the scriptures i read are inspired and given to me for advice on my current situations. i need to work on my forgiveness and softening my heart towards others. i need to better integrate the scriptures and gospel into my life. but i know with time, i can do this. i know the church that i have joined is true. i know that it has been founded by revelation in the sacred grove, and i know that the church's doctrine is true, i know that we need to baptize those who could not make the descision themselves in the time they lived for they are in the spirit world waiting to be able to hear the gospel. i know we need to obey the words of wisdom. i have done drugs and alcohol, i know it's destructive and i will never taste or inbibe them again. i have asked forgiveness for the sins i have committed, i have repented. i know the words of the living prophets are true and that they have been true prophets of the gospel. i know the church is the true church of jesus christ. and i say these things in the sacred name of jesus christ. amen.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

love makes you weak at the knees
but strong enough to fight

love makes you laugh
but cry sometimes late at night

love makes you hurt
but makes you feel just right

love can put you in dark times
but forever the light shines bright

love can make you free
but you're always held on tight

love may be blind
but always has you in sight

love has a lot of pain
but it's also a delight

love lasts every day
and love lasts every night

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Flickr frippery

Well its been a while since ive written on here, YES im still alive - very busy but still alive!

things that have annoyed me resently are, i produce good work and i still dont get noticed on flickr! i dont get it!!! but theres worse that can happen in life

another thing to bug me is - my lecturer fraser never helpful even though he tutors me for everything! GRR lol but i have to admit ive progressed alot with my work this year, my studio work is getting alot better.

Mark has been recently and i advise you to look at me and Marks blog, so you can read up on our "adventures" the main event we had was my studio final project, i have 3 shoots and they are meant to be using a specific discipline from this years work. IE Portraits, studio, digital manipulation, fashion ETC so ive sorta decided to combine them and add to them, My studio work has let me down recently so i wanted to enhance and improve my studio and use a strength to get furthur.

i havnt heard from alot of people recently so please write me and let me know HOW THE HECK YOUR DOIN! im gonna try blog a bit more often. so you can all keep up with what im doing...

Monday, 26 March 2007

my mad melon!

Marks been here this week, and its been good as ever, sure we have got to learn each others worser habits, picking noses etc hehe but its been great specially cos he spent alot getting me clothes MWHAHAH!
On the way to taking him home to the airport to fly back, we went to the temple and dad took some pics of us together, i really loved having them with him, i know many couples have photos done here from their weddings etc and so i felt really nice being with him and havin that half an hour jsut walking round and feeling happy to be beside him.
he said "its nice to tour the temple you will get married in" and i knew this would be rightly so...other things we did consisted of,
saturday, picking him up sleeping and eating a chinese take away and just chatting.
sunday - church , ysa and nursery followed by sunday dinner and then the leeds easter concert while marks hearing aid popped during emma t's performance that made me chuckle sooo bad!
monday - we slept in quite late but went walking to my old school and saw places right near where i lived, walking and chatting and then went to boots and good old morrisons for a bit to eat and prepared for our picnic for the abbey the day after, we then had family home evening and watched special witnesses of christ. what a great vid!
tuesday - went to kirkstall abbey and had photos done and such had our nice picnic which i prepared mark had turkey and tomatoe lettuce and mayo/butter, and i had ham and lettuce and mayo, original I KNOW! anyway we had a nice time walkin arround and just talking again and having chance to freeze round the grounds! but it was lovely all the same i told him of the great legend ghost the blue lady he seemed a little scared after that! we departed shortly after which made him forget our blanket we took hehe but we got it back, then that night we went for a chinese buffet only to be greatly dissapointed the place had changed and hardly had anything i liked i was MIFFED! and mark got mad at the staff for not being helpful. but we got the bus while freezing again and got to walk hand in hand always lovely!!
wednesday - we went SHOPPING and made preparations for my uni shoot, the plan was to make a jekyl and hyde character, and so i wanted to do that so we got some hair gel red/blue and also got other things for it, we went round our fave place IKEA and saw some of the things we want in our future home. plus mark got me some new clothes and they are beautiful i have to thank him. also went to borders and TGI FRIDAYS which was a whole lot better than the night before because we got proper service and I GOT CHEESE STICKS the Lord really does love me!!! he sent cheese sticks to england! hehe we got home and chilled out after that and just spent the night talking about all sorts.
Thursday was STRESSFUL but also VERY worth it, i spent the day setting up studio and putting marks makeup on, took like an hr to do, and then i went to shoot for an hour too. the results where amazing, and i really am impressed with them if you would like to see the results please follow the weblink to my fickr will see them there. we also got to spend some time watching lost, cool runnings and hockey. he loves it, well i had to prepare for uni again so we had an early night...
Friday - uni resumed as normal we had a portrait challenge to go on the front of a mag so i grabbed mark again and my work wasnt the greatest in comparison to the work the day previous, but i got on with it. it seemed the week went as fast as im typing it or even faster! we spent the last night watching church vids and also a family vid and 7 brides for 7 brothers HINT HINT hehe. but no it was great, we had moments where we hugged or talked or annoyed or got bossy ME MOSTLY! and also we saw each other in like tiredness and makeuplessness...
saturday - was our last day together, he stroked my nose and we sat in the back of the car just sleepingon each others shoulder and went to the temple, which i loved, going to the airport shortly after was fine for me well we had a breakfast and talking holding hands, i thought im doing great here!!! i wont cry like last time! then it was time for him to say bye after all the play fighting and teasing at the breakfast table it was time for me to take him to the security desk and say bye, we kissed and hugged and i jsut kept saying its ok go but we jsut couldnt seem to leave each other. but we finally did and i knew id see him again soon as im going for a vacation there. it will be excellent but it didnt make it any easier, he went through the door and i cried again and i couldnt stop, im sure people thought i was on something. but i just got in the car and drove away, dad jsut spoke to me and comforted me, but i seemed to get better.
And now...hes at home resuming our msn time together and phone calls, i miss him greatly, but i wouldnt change having this time together. the test will be in june...but i know love and faith can move mountains. he is my greatest supporter, even if its to shout at a chinese waiter for not getting me water.
i love you markie!!!

Sunday, 11 March 2007

one more week!!!

today would make the one week mark for when i get to see rebecca's eyes in person again.

to feel her close to me again.

it's been a long time since i've had her in my arms, 3 months to the day actually. on the 15th it will be our 6 month anniversary since we've been together.

she's always able to make me smile..
her voice is so soulful and angelic
her pictures are wonderful and spiritual
her smile is addictive.
she's supportive of everything i do
she's able to lift my spirits by simply talking to me

she makes me smile




Monday, 26 February 2007

i may not know what love is.
i feel it deep inside
i may not know how to let it out
i'll hug and kiss and try

as sure as water flows
i'll be drawn to you
your spirit's high, your heart is deep
i miss you once you go to sleep.

you're the one for me.
we fit together
we laugh together
we're friends together
we cry together
we love each other
and i want it forevermore.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

the perfect colour

I've always dreamed of singing a great duet with bex. whether it's just a little song in the living room of her house, or in front of a lot of people at a karaoke place, or even in fron of a large audience for a concert (ok scrap that one)

but yeah the main thing is that rebecca has always made me inspired to be better. she has inspired me to write, to create and do all sorts of wonderful things for her.

my art is very visual, usually in words or on paper in a drawing. rebecca's is capturing the spiritual side of things, she can sing to the heart, and capture a spirit in a picture. when we were a much younger couple i wrote a song for her that somewhat goes with this.

"the best cure for blue is the color red"

i've lived a long life with this here blue
it's been dwelling in everything i do
i've been let down, from town to town
and in every place there's a face looking down
a man who laughed at all i had to say
that smirks at me then walks away.

aw, baby i've got a way to end that blue
it's in my blood and it's in yours too.
so why don't you lift your sorry head
cause i'm gonna give you the colour red.

well, we got love and it's ours to keep
this colours strong and it's power's deep
it helps to heal all that hurt and dread
yah, the best cure for blue is the color red

well we mix together and our love's true
i no longer have a need for that blue
cause you've come along and gave me your red
and never once could we have said
our red is weak and are blues are strong
well lookie here i know that'd be wrong

well, we got love and it's ours to keep
this colours strong and it's power's deep
it helps to heal all that hurt and dread
yah, the best cure for blue is the color red

lyrics copyrighted by mark northcott and rebecca winter 2007

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Thanks to you…

Thanks to you I feel an affectionate touch
A loving example that means so much

Thanks to you I know what love feels like
Now I don’t feel so lonely at night

Thanks to you I strive to be better
Even though I can be known to natter

Thanks to you I know I am cared for
To be loved and protected forever

Thanks to you I can smile and to laugh and sing
Without you I know id be lost in myself without meaning

Thanks to you I feel grateful to say
You always help me in every way

Thanks to you I want to spend time with eternally
I can’t wait for the day together so longingly

Thanks to you I'm never afraid
Were a team, you’re my friend and my comrade

Thanks to you I vow to be greater each way
Let’s share in this happiness day after day

Thanks to you Mark Gregory Northcott…

By Rebecca Ellen Winter © 2007-02-18

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

It got me thinking...

When I was doing the photography this weekend for my friends Ryan and Mary, I fell upon a photo (to the right) it was where Mary was holding her baby cousin and Ryan her new husband was in the back ground laughing, I had to capture the moment, but it got me thinking about family and having children. once upon a time you would not have me talking about kids or giving birth in a positive way.

Since I got a calling in Nursery I now love children and its been a desire of mine to have them. yes they are hard work and you have to become unselfish and think about them, but I cant wait. I consider mark practically my husband now, no we are not married yet, but we live our lives like we are ALREADY living together! in the sense of we talk all the time, and we just get on so well.

Sure like any other couple we have harder times, but I still love him! it amazes me when you love someone you forget their faults and you still walk the path of life with them, when mum told me this when I was younger I thought, if someone hurts me ILL LEAVE THEM but now I understand the concept! I fully grab that with my two hands!

 I was so happy for Ryan and Mary but I also know in the not too distant future I will be in their situation AND I CANT WAIT! bring on the ring ;) teehee

MY lil Tiny!

When mark was here he decided to buy me a teddy panda as i have always been called a panda or been likened to one, dont ask me why! maybe because im cute and cuddly teehee!

well this past weekend i decided to take some photos of tiny hes so cute, hes been squeezed to death! when mark left for the airport i hugged tiny and cried all into his fur. so he has alot to do in my life, you may think shes 22! whyyyy is she still hugging a panda bear! but it wasnt so much that it was a bear, but that it was from mark.

nevertheless tiny sits on my bed each day and when im missing mark, ill give him a hug and i feel better! Mark was like "are you going to give him a name?" i couldnt think of one for ages but mark used to be called tiny and because the bear is meant to be a "tiny" version of him...i named him TINY!

i love him hes so huggly! but i want the real tiny too! LOVE BEX

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Never our flower shall wilt

sleep better knowing we're forever

the dreams may we endeavour

through the sweet humble slumber

to no end ever wonder

you and i,

together no lie

hand in hand through eternity.

not a splash in the pond,

may way live far beyond.

our love cannot be sold

for any silver or gold

never the our flower shall wilt.

Friday, 2 February 2007

happy birthday bex!!

stopping to smell the... tulips?

So yesterday was Rebecca's 22nd birthday. She was a little down about being a year older, i reminded her that she's not anymore than a day older than she was yesterday, just that she can now formally say she's a year older.

She opened my presents for her a couple weeks back. I didn't know they would get there so early... Just to remind her that I love her and that I think about her every second of every day and to help brighten up her birthday I did what any romantic man would do...

Get her flowers!!

Bex being the great photographer she is took many pictures of these flowers! They're beautiful Fuschia tulips! You can see all of her pictures of these flowers on her Flickr page..


Sunday, 28 January 2007

lets get PRETTY!

This is Mark in Paperchase i decided
to pretty him up lol i demanded to
put on makeup but there u go!
dont it look great!!!

Who would live in a home like this?!?!

Well...I hope we do haha!
We saw this lil' number at IKEA we both love it there by the way! :D
but yeah we liked the colour scheme and set up so whatta i always do?
I TAKE A PICTURE! I cant WAIT to decorate my own house
i know i want one room to be like pink purple and
turquoise OR just brighter colours
funny that me and mark actually like opposite colours,
i like blue purple and pink he likes red orange and yellow...
but all the same its all good we are exploring possibilities

Mr "Romance" Northcott

This is my Markie!
giving me his heart!
hes a pure romantic always! :D
See the "parcel post" below!

Here we go! - Bex being silly

I tried to look like Mario from Nintendo! - bex

i love this... man?

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Pass the Parcel! MGN UR A STAR!

I got a parcel from Mark...i was like OH mum can take some shots for me! so while i opened this HUGE parcel of like 10 pressents it seemed i was like AWWW!
i dont even think hes seen these photos and i wanted to show him them, time passes and we forget to show each other things because we are chatting away!

i was at the preston temple accomodation id got out of uni to come home to it and it was the best present ever because IT WAS FROM HIM!

it had a big purple enveloped card and this lovely card that had beautiful words inside, HOW THOUGHTFUL IS HE?

Mark told me he was a shy man once upon a time now im like WHERE is he? he is so thoughtful romantic and gentlemanlike! just what a girl needs...

so when i started opening this parcel (back to the story) i always trail off hehe mark will testify! hehe anyway he got me this 2gb memory card that was absolutely needed and he remembered that and got me one HES A STAR! then he got me this bag of heart cinnamon candy and it was nice dad kept nicking them off me MR DIABETIES MAN!

then there was mittens which i always wanted and they where PINK and cute if you look on
there should feature all the pics of the process i opened the presents thanks to mum for doing that! urm what next...OH YEAH he sent me his COOL tablet and pen where you can like draw and colour on photoshop and paint! its sooo cool he is so thoughtful he got me everything i wanted!!! and then he got me this OPTICAL MOUSE! and i always was fascinated with them! im like I LOVE THIS GUY! i was so amazed dads like YOU DEFFINATELY WANNA MARRY HIM haha he got me this beautifully pretty wrapping paper too that deffinately was ME! and all this when i was shattered form uni feet killing and in a bunker in the temple grounds HOW CUTE!



Wednesday, 24 January 2007

You always have to start somewhere!

So we all had to start somewhere mark did this as his first "romantic gesture" and we are thinking to put this on the back of wedding invites and such i thought it was cute of him! he always makes me nice handmade things!

i also have the first pictures that we saw of each other! that made us go WOW they are nice! hehe im so thankful i have mark in my life sure he has faults but so do i have but he has so many strengths too like more than me. he shows me how to love someone truely! he cares for me and only me and thats such a great feeling!!!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007


Who can not love this face!

he rocks my world!

"it aint cheesy if its true" johnny burge




I feel beautiful with you, LV BEX

Aww he sent me flowers!!!

Mark probably wont remember this but he sent me some flowers over the internet i had a really hard day and im like I MISS HIM :( so i thought id feature them!!! we keep surprising each other on this blog HEHEH!

live from the msn window...

Monday, 22 January 2007

Our First Kiss.

the story of our first kiss.

I don't think it was an hour after we had met. Her dad had asked rebecca to go into the kitchen to make a sandwich or something to eat. I followed her into the kitchen. she got out a plate and some bread and i was a bit uneasy and all in a foreign place but i was just very jet laggy. I was hungry i'll admit that. Bex went into the fridge and i came up behind her and gave her a friendly hug. I almost let go as she was coming up but she actually grabbed my hands and held them there. Our eyes connected. i felt just amazing. this was our first romantic contact. Bex later told me that that was the moment she knew i was the one, i felt so too cause it didn't feel uncomfortable at all!

we continued to make a ham sandwich. i was like.. i don't need butter.. just slap it between the bread. george was in the other room and asked for a sandwich too. i laughed, bex was all grr. i was joking with her at this point, stuffing my face and talking, dancing around and all that..

she went out and delivered her dad the sandwich. then she came back into the kitchen she put stuff away and i caught her

right in front of the dining room table. i grabbed her shoulders, hugged her and then went in for a kiss. i was amazed at how soft her lips felt. it felt so so right. i didn't plan it, it just happened. i'm in love with this woman now, and i'm not letting her go. not now

not tomorrow

not even in all eternity.


love note...

I made this for Bex, it's one of the several love poems I've sent to Rebecca. I mean every word.


Sunday, 21 January 2007



AH i love to laugh! Mark has a lovely way of making me laugh even at silly faces! because thats what im all about...some people seem to be too serious sometimes. where as i on the other hand like to keep things light and in good humour!

why do i love this man!? because he is EVERYTHING a person needs!


Mark about me...

I thought this was so sweet! it came from his msn space see side bar for link to original...i really love this man! hes awesome beyond belief!


love of my life.

my one and only cherished soul mate.

why do i love her?

she's talented
she's beautiful
she's got the most amazing eyes
she has a great smile
she's going to be a great mother
she takes a picture and it's immediately a work of art
she has an amazing family that loves her
she is so friendly
she has a good testimony
she is not scared to say what's on her mind
she don't take no guff from anyone
she is strong
she has a kind heart
she has taught me to be a much better person than i once was
she's just like me
she's able to talk for me when i can't hear
she is understanding
she's great to talk to
she's not perfect but pretty darn close!
she's the girl i wish to spend eternity with.

posted by bex, poetry by mark

What does it all mean?

k i was looking up meanings of both me and Marks names let me know what you think!


NAME: Rebecca
FROM: Hebrew
GENDER: Female
MEANING: tied, bound, Faithful wife, knotted cord

NAME: Mark
FROM: Latin
MEANING: warlike


This one's from Gussums

We had the great idea to make a blog together, we've talked about it a couple times but we've finally gone and done it!

not only do we have a blog, but we have a gmail account for all our family and friends to get in contact with the both of us at the same time. That gmail is

We're going to use this site to let everyone into our life. We plan to keep regular updates and to share our pictures, poems, art, stories and everything else we can think of!

Please check back frequently and always comment... we love to hear from each and every one of you!

Mark "Gussums"

This ones from BEX

Ok people may say this is jumping the gun, but me and Mark thought it would be good to have a place to put all our thoughts and ideas and just things we would like to share! :) I'm sure he will comment further and we both have a lot to say.  I intend to include photos poems and my own spoken word. :) hope you all ENJOY!


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