Thursday, 13 November 2008

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Just a handfull of things I'm thankful for...
to live each day
to breath
for family
for Mark
for a home
for photographs
for the gospel
for being able to walk
being able to talk
listen and understand
be myself
have my own gifts and talents
to be loved
for food and every thing I need
my parents - which I always took for granted!
the Prophet and the other wonderful Apostles
Jesus Christ and Heavenly father because they give me everything I have
Friends who are true
books to read that make me laugh
hope amidst lots of problems
to serve and to serve well
to pray and read my scriptures which give me peace
for creativity and freedom of expression
for words and actions

so many and I could go on - Well I thought this would be a good lil starter Blog for our family :) Hope to post you some unseen Wedding photos (if you havnt already seen on facebook!

much love
Becky and Mark
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