Monday, 25 January 2010

Tropical fun at the weekend...

I had a really lovely time this weekend with my friends Mark and Gemma Morrell and my husband Mark. We decided to go to Tropical world as Gemma or my Mark hadnt been before. We had a fun time and even lost about a stone in water it was soooo HOT!! but we really enjoyed it and got to see some cute animals and fishys. I will put some of my fave images on for you to have a look. 

We really have a good laugh all 4 of us and even though I got this irritating cold I still had fun. It was awesome being arround people who lift you up and thats what true friends do - you just only hope you can return the kindness. I got to go to Leeds 2 for ward conference as well for the first time - considering its always been my best mates ward I have never been on a Sunday CRAZY! I had a lovely time and had fun colouring my picture in Gemmas class - yey I got to be a sunbeam for the day whoo! No I wasnt skipping class - I was doing my calling ;-)

I also had fun going to see Val and Jeff (Marks parents) - Val gave me some valuable words that will stay with me forever and just what I needed. Always helps when a LARGE box of chocolates are involved and got to meet the bunny sooo cute. I love going to there - I always laugh till my cheeks and sides hurt, the lesson on honesty was sterling Val - WE LOVE YOU TONS - thank you for always keeping us upbeat. Jeff just makes fun of us and sorta does the reverse psycology - Ill tell you your ugly - youll feel beautiful, YEP IT WORKS! I am the most gorgeous person on the planet check me out!!! hehe 

I am so thankful for the happy boost I have needed - I can feel my Uncle is looking out for me and having his hand in alot of things and making things possible. I have loved looking for my family history too I wish more people my age would get into it its so easy...USE GOOGLE for a start!! and the new Family Seach is amazing!!! If your reading this use it, it links so many things together and any work that has been submitted - you can keep tabs on I will put on the link - but you do need to create a log in...I found some things and encouraged my mum to speak to extended family and try and find some more things, I know they want to be found. I am trying to find out about my ancestor Alice Martha Gill (Married name is Johnson) she went to Canada and went to get married I never knew if she died there - had kids or what her life was like. I hope I can find out more about her.

Been busy last week with editing, booking wedding photography and seeing future clients so time hasnt been as open. Anyway please see my images below of our adventure. 

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Getting back into my groove

Well Ive decided to get back editing photos and get up to date whilst I have spare time on my hands. So I was really enjoying editing today - Mark took this photo for me bless him. Thanks Markie!! I have to say a thank you to so many of my friends supporting us and keeping an ear out for me and Mark with job opportunities - we love you - your truly amazing and answer prayers :-)

Im off on my journeys tommorow with the Stake Primary and Leeds 5 is our first destination. The leaders dont realise how amazing they are and what they actually are accomplishing!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

*Sing music in spring or you'll dream it - Leeds ART Gallery

Yep you read it right! Me and Mark had a trip to the Art Gallery in Leeds - we also went to have a look round other places but that was the highlight of the day. We only got round maybe half of the Gallery and found the Art Space which I went to when it was first opened but it wasnt as detailed and functioning like it is now. 

The first photo is I believe a BANKSY in Leeds near the Light. I always pass it in town and never have my camera, lesson learned!!! Others are from the Gallery - I didnt take too many as I wanted to respect copyright - the one I feature is a drawing I know my dad would appreciate I will put up the artist details too so you know who it is by - they are featuring the Northern Art Competition winners and some of the work was amazing - because of the tight knit security I couldnt take a photo so I left it to describe the exhibition was about lighting - lots of different lamps making circles - the artist had composed it by using Footballs and other round objects to make shadow on the wall. I think the best thing that I love the most about the Leeds Art Gallery now its UP TO DATE, its free, people can get involved physically and there are lots of different subjects including the connection to the Henry Moore Building - I really hope to get more involved this year with community projects or rather workshops. I need to get out into the world more!!!

Mark and me decided to draw - I always like to make something for others and made a 
piggy for my sister in law Jaime - Hope you like it I did it just for you in mind (she loves pigs : )!!! Mark decided to do a little tribute to Canada - how he misses it soooo. He did a Lovely red maple leaf with his own funky design - he said it was his best yet...go Mark! We also made a visit to the Art Library too I got to see the old space where I exhibited my own work two years ago - memories!! *Also we went into a room where there was chalk and magnetic word strips where we could make up our own phrases. I did and that is why I made it the title of this blog, infact I like the phrase SO MUCH I may do a photographic project surrounding the concept - so you heard it here first.

On the way home on the bus we were cramped in the back of the double decker and I was fascinated by this smiley face in the window - Mark said "why you getting your camera out now?!?!" I wanted to document it because it looked like the smiley face was crying and it just kept streaming down the glass it looked REAL. I said "THATS ART". Then Mark saw the photo and proclaimed LOUD "WOW THATS SO COOL BECK!" hehe he makes me laugh. 

So I hope you enjoy seeing out litte adventure. I like pushing myself to do this because I make myself remember the good things and focus on my creative talent. Mark got me a set of actions today so I used it on the Obama/BANKSY image - yey for creativeness. 

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