Monday, 26 February 2007

i may not know what love is.
i feel it deep inside
i may not know how to let it out
i'll hug and kiss and try

as sure as water flows
i'll be drawn to you
your spirit's high, your heart is deep
i miss you once you go to sleep.

you're the one for me.
we fit together
we laugh together
we're friends together
we cry together
we love each other
and i want it forevermore.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

the perfect colour

I've always dreamed of singing a great duet with bex. whether it's just a little song in the living room of her house, or in front of a lot of people at a karaoke place, or even in fron of a large audience for a concert (ok scrap that one)

but yeah the main thing is that rebecca has always made me inspired to be better. she has inspired me to write, to create and do all sorts of wonderful things for her.

my art is very visual, usually in words or on paper in a drawing. rebecca's is capturing the spiritual side of things, she can sing to the heart, and capture a spirit in a picture. when we were a much younger couple i wrote a song for her that somewhat goes with this.

"the best cure for blue is the color red"

i've lived a long life with this here blue
it's been dwelling in everything i do
i've been let down, from town to town
and in every place there's a face looking down
a man who laughed at all i had to say
that smirks at me then walks away.

aw, baby i've got a way to end that blue
it's in my blood and it's in yours too.
so why don't you lift your sorry head
cause i'm gonna give you the colour red.

well, we got love and it's ours to keep
this colours strong and it's power's deep
it helps to heal all that hurt and dread
yah, the best cure for blue is the color red

well we mix together and our love's true
i no longer have a need for that blue
cause you've come along and gave me your red
and never once could we have said
our red is weak and are blues are strong
well lookie here i know that'd be wrong

well, we got love and it's ours to keep
this colours strong and it's power's deep
it helps to heal all that hurt and dread
yah, the best cure for blue is the color red

lyrics copyrighted by mark northcott and rebecca winter 2007

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Thanks to you…

Thanks to you I feel an affectionate touch
A loving example that means so much

Thanks to you I know what love feels like
Now I don’t feel so lonely at night

Thanks to you I strive to be better
Even though I can be known to natter

Thanks to you I know I am cared for
To be loved and protected forever

Thanks to you I can smile and to laugh and sing
Without you I know id be lost in myself without meaning

Thanks to you I feel grateful to say
You always help me in every way

Thanks to you I want to spend time with eternally
I can’t wait for the day together so longingly

Thanks to you I'm never afraid
Were a team, you’re my friend and my comrade

Thanks to you I vow to be greater each way
Let’s share in this happiness day after day

Thanks to you Mark Gregory Northcott…

By Rebecca Ellen Winter © 2007-02-18

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

It got me thinking...

When I was doing the photography this weekend for my friends Ryan and Mary, I fell upon a photo (to the right) it was where Mary was holding her baby cousin and Ryan her new husband was in the back ground laughing, I had to capture the moment, but it got me thinking about family and having children. once upon a time you would not have me talking about kids or giving birth in a positive way.

Since I got a calling in Nursery I now love children and its been a desire of mine to have them. yes they are hard work and you have to become unselfish and think about them, but I cant wait. I consider mark practically my husband now, no we are not married yet, but we live our lives like we are ALREADY living together! in the sense of we talk all the time, and we just get on so well.

Sure like any other couple we have harder times, but I still love him! it amazes me when you love someone you forget their faults and you still walk the path of life with them, when mum told me this when I was younger I thought, if someone hurts me ILL LEAVE THEM but now I understand the concept! I fully grab that with my two hands!

 I was so happy for Ryan and Mary but I also know in the not too distant future I will be in their situation AND I CANT WAIT! bring on the ring ;) teehee

MY lil Tiny!

When mark was here he decided to buy me a teddy panda as i have always been called a panda or been likened to one, dont ask me why! maybe because im cute and cuddly teehee!

well this past weekend i decided to take some photos of tiny hes so cute, hes been squeezed to death! when mark left for the airport i hugged tiny and cried all into his fur. so he has alot to do in my life, you may think shes 22! whyyyy is she still hugging a panda bear! but it wasnt so much that it was a bear, but that it was from mark.

nevertheless tiny sits on my bed each day and when im missing mark, ill give him a hug and i feel better! Mark was like "are you going to give him a name?" i couldnt think of one for ages but mark used to be called tiny and because the bear is meant to be a "tiny" version of him...i named him TINY!

i love him hes so huggly! but i want the real tiny too! LOVE BEX

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Never our flower shall wilt

sleep better knowing we're forever

the dreams may we endeavour

through the sweet humble slumber

to no end ever wonder

you and i,

together no lie

hand in hand through eternity.

not a splash in the pond,

may way live far beyond.

our love cannot be sold

for any silver or gold

never the our flower shall wilt.

Friday, 2 February 2007

happy birthday bex!!

stopping to smell the... tulips?

So yesterday was Rebecca's 22nd birthday. She was a little down about being a year older, i reminded her that she's not anymore than a day older than she was yesterday, just that she can now formally say she's a year older.

She opened my presents for her a couple weeks back. I didn't know they would get there so early... Just to remind her that I love her and that I think about her every second of every day and to help brighten up her birthday I did what any romantic man would do...

Get her flowers!!

Bex being the great photographer she is took many pictures of these flowers! They're beautiful Fuschia tulips! You can see all of her pictures of these flowers on her Flickr page..