Friday, 30 July 2010

Never been a screaming fan really...BUT

Hey everyone,

yeah this post is for me pretty much but I have to write about it as I'm so excited. I heard a while ago Take That was rejoining with former bandmate Robbie Williams always wondering what it would be like with his voice added back into the mix. Seeing the footage however of their reunion in studio was better than expected. I really do love every character and figure of the band they have matured alot over the years. Yes they all still have individual issues going on but their music speaks to me so much. It always helped that my husband likes them no Ill rephrase that he LOVES them. It was a beneficial factor to one of our first dates when we sat together at my best mates house and we watched x factor and take that in sync one after another. It was the Leona Lewis year and the competition was fierce, Mark got hooked. After a fun evening with a chicken meal and some mint vienetta it sealed the deal when "have a little patience..." played and Marks head whipped arround and I believe love at first listen. I had already been aware of their progressive sound to maturity. Mark was then asking me questions and wanted to get their album right away and did so at a later date back in Canada. I believe it got him through the long rides home from work back then. I always loved Gary Barlows song writing such a gift and a way with words no wonder Elton John favoured him giving him lavish gifts and inviting him round for tea as a young artist. Now I believe that each member of the "man band" have a part to play the harmonys are absolutely brilliant. Now Im not a screaming fan or anything but gosh I do love them and what they sing. Me and Marks goal is to go to a live tour one day...

So what is in store for them in the future? I really hope that Robbie can bring even more of a energy but not subdue anyone else or surpress what has already been there but rather to respect and grace a new wave of emotion and positivity. I really do believe it was inevitable only Robbie could of decided when and how as he is such a strong character. Im so glad though for what will happen next and simply cant wait for the album out in November. In conclusion the best thing about songs from Take That - singing together me and Mark on an evening where all the words are known and can be done to the top of our lungs and we dont care if we go off key because we love it so much. It unites us like nothing else. So I simply say THANK YOU for the music...

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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Photography couple at a wedding...part 2

So this is me and Mark at the past wedding we did just this weekend. Mark isnt happy Im putting a photo up of him - he told me to note this as he said his hair is bad...he wont get it cut...oh well! We are setting up a trend with taking photos of each other at weddings only ends up being a couple but fun! Again I will put a photo up of the couple - I was really lucky to be apart of Jake and Amys wedding they are so in love and so sweet with each other Jake was SUCH a gentleman and just made me happy when I saw them go into the temple being so content and happy. YEY! It is such a priveledge to be apart of every couples special day.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Photography couple at a wedding...part 1

Yep we took these of each other at the last wedding we of these days I will train Mark haha - and the last is a photo of the actual couple I took photos for - what lovely people they are!!!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Other photo updates...

I thought I would post some more photos from things here and there...
 View from our window - I loved it
 Great book I borrowed from mum

 Another nice view - bedroom this time
 ECLIPSE - I liked it :)
 Got to spend some quality time with ange this was in Nandos every other way
I looked to take a pic I got weird looks - so sorry all!
Finally Mark was sad one day and he made me laugh with this Jacket so I did it for him - he laughed so hard you can see why...ahem
Just one of me...ahhh I cuteyyyy

Service with a smile...home made gifts are best

We just had a recent birth in our ward and I really wanted to do something nice for the couple - knowing I dont have alot of money I bought a frame and "prettied it up" so heres a pic of it...its not too good as I only had my phone with me but you get the idea...

Stake Athletics - LEEDS 1 WON

So I should have posted this way before now but life has been pretty busy with wedding photographs and other things. Such is life but I wouldnt have it any other way!! I was really excited to be apart of Stake Athletics ok so I only actually ran in one race but I wrote out certificates and also did the Primary races with the rest of the presidency. Lovely day it was the sun was beating down and my mother got burned - for once I was smart and put on some cream to protect my skin! The thing I noticed with athletics was if everyone takes part doesnt really matter if you place 1st as long as you have a score 1-3rd place and just being in EVERY race you pretty much can win. We really pulled together this year and me and my husband commented to each other that if any one person didnt turn up we probably would of not won. So it really is all about team work. It was so nice to win as its been SUCH a long time. Anyway here are some of the pictures enjoy...