Tuesday, 10 January 2006

America's finest hour!

From my holiday i found many great flags of America and i wanted to represent that to you all i really loved how true they are to their country this particular flag is in Provo and it was after a football game at the Lavell Stadium i loved it, i have to thank Candice for taking me and showing me beautiful sites of the place! LV bex

Saturday, 7 January 2006

~*Winter all over again!*~

New Year, NEW ME!

well well well! it is indeed a new year! and its already the 7th of jan amazing!

ive been focussing on goals for myself which are very challenging but i think they will be worth the work. ive tried to balance them in the different areas of my life. spiritual physical and mental so it will be fun to try and do them all! but yeah just like christmas time new year is very commercialised. and the most thing they go on about is either paying off depts or losing weight. i dont think people should make rushed descisions just because its a new year. but the fresh start of it all des make you think ahhh i can do it!

one of my main goals which i can share to you all is that im saving and working to go to BYU-I this has been in my heart longer than a year i went to visit the campus when it was end of september and i LOVED the place, it was a little scary at first because of the number of people there. but it was great i loved it i was so impressed by all the majors and what they have to offer. it was fab to see larisa there too, and i got to meet a wonderful girl called Steph. so there you go!

i really hope everyone has a "new start" to things they are trying to conquer i know its the little steps that count, and best thing is to tell a best mate or someone you trust because they will always encourage you to do whats right! while i have that opporunity thanks to Markie my best mate! for being there for me time and time againg through my ups and downs your my STAR!

all the best for 2006 eveyone! LOVE BEX

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