Saturday, 11 September 2010

Anniversary shoot - well nearly!

Being as its just over a week to our second anniversary Mark suggested we take some photos of ourselves as its sorta become a tradition each year for us. It was interesting because we always end up taking a tripod and making a total mess and looking quite silly but it was fun and we got to spend some time together out of the house. I like it most because its FREE and we always find something to giggle about whilst taking the images. Im hoping life will get better from hear out and Im hopeful watch this space. I realised theres things I need to change in my own life but I am also doing well in the sense of my confidence with my work. As you can see from my photos in general life as well as my professional work. When you take photos for yourself you tend to get lazy and go auto but not today. Mark was enjoying taking the camera and being boss. I did not as I hate to not see what has been taken. Again a good experience and I was able to try an effect out I have wanted to do for sometime the light just hasnt been perfect but apart from a glare in the wrong place due to the tripod set up it looks marvelous!!! I am still happy and Mark even though we have been up and down and "through the mill" we are still in love and I still find him cute even if he leaves his clothes arround the floor. I know Im not perfect either and I have things to do better on. Mark Gregory Northcott I love you very much and I am glad to be sharing this Journey with you - Happy 2nd Anniversary for the 20th...

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