Saturday, 17 October 2009

Autumn - What a beautiful sight

Whilst out in the Autumn and at the temple trip I had a little bit of time to take some photos of my favourite tree, its right in between the MTC and the Accommodation centre and I love to sit by it - so I wanted to share a little bit of the beauty I see whilst sat there.

Stake Primary Temple Trip

Ok so this happened a while ago but I really wanted to record it, I was called as Stake Primary Secretary earlier this year and so we had been planning for this temple trip nearly all year.

We had a really good day and all the presidency worked hard along side the ward leaders - the children are so full of energy but have a love of learning that is amazing. I know they loved to see the temple and MTC even if we had some hiccups on the day.

We started late but made up through the day we had a talk from our High Councillor over Primary who is my dad but what a lovely job he did he really was amazing. I am so proud of him!

So here is example of the frames that the children made which later would include a photo of them with a slide over the top of Preston temple wish I had the finished product to show as they were so cute but we gave them all out!  Jo our President lead some games with the children - also asking them how they felt about primary and got them to write down how primary makes them feel. 

We encouraged the children to go and touch the temple after they had made an MTC promise to return to serve a mission. They seemed very impressed to meet the MTC Mission President and got to meet the Missionaries I know alot of the children enjoyed this and seemed really in awe of the Mission President.

We got a photo at the end how cute they were. I could tell they were tired though bless them. They all got to walk underneath the statue of Moroni and look up at him. Again they were amazed. The look on their faces said it all...

 Last but not least Ive met an amazing lady serving in Primary I go visit her wards primary - its Sister Wiles! ah we had alot of fun and she couldnt resist getting in this groovey cart they have at the temple - I thought I'd put this on for you Kerry - fun times!