Thursday, 31 March 2011

bit ar tha Coconut cake man!

Mums Birthday is actually tommorow but I Ange made it a day sooner so she could have some but most of all so we didnt stuff our faces all in one day! This is a special year for mum wont say how old she did because I may find my hair shaved off in the morning and a few bruises hehe. I was walking through White Rose for a card and saw all the Mothers day things out as well as it is this weekend as some may have forgotten (ahem go get your cards NOW) Ahhh yes so I always associate mothers day with mums birthday you always see nice messages My fave was "Mum I love you more than chocolate" now that be a hard one for me but yes Mum I can say I do love you more than chocolate. WAY MORE - chocolate lasts all of a few seconds and yes very lovely and yummy but you have provided me hours of council, shared my tears when everyone else sits there dry eyed and hard hearted ;) laughed with me like we have out own little private jokes without even saying anything. Your the one who has helped me with every calling, assignment, home work, degree - whatever it is you have been there always and cheered me on. I love you very much and thank you for being YOU I dont want you like anyone else - you are beautiful in every way to me. 

Angela decided to make this Coconut cake it was nice to hear how mum would crack them open when she was little - Grandad would bring them home make two holes and drain the coconut then smash them and Mum would have to pick them out. Then I grated the coconut for ages but I didnt mind I really enjoyed it. I love being arround the table Angela is mixing and cooking mums sat at the table doing prep work and me sometimes if theres too much. but I get to hear about some lovely things. Very precious time to me. Well mum I really hope your Birthday is all you hope it to be. I love you alot and always will. Love Bex

Someone like you...

This song is one my very favourites and its like shes (Adele) singing what I have been through...

Malachis Baptism

I was really proud of Mal getting baptised last week. He is the very first child I looked after in Nursery and now hes baptised. WOW I feel old but I felt the spirit so much that he has grown up so far and followed the example of his Saviour. He really is special to me - I specifically asked of a photo of us at our wedding because he is so important in my life. We both grew together in nursery, he was growing in knowlege and physically and I was growing spiritually and learning how in my little experience how to teach little children. It was a challenge but I have such wonderful memories and such lovely little friends I hope to have for life. I see children not as small and insignificate they are just like us and just as important they are PEOPLE at the end of the day the only thing we adults have is more experience of life and its our job to advice and help them in this life. I was overwhelemed with the responsibility. Now I see Malachi and I would like to think ive had a little smidgen to do with his growth in the gospel. I loved that he sang I am a Child of God in his baptism - his favourite. The one I would sing every week without fail in our little 10 min music time. Yes all the rest were usually fun songs but I always wanted that as it reminds us of who we are and why we are here. I am so blessed to know Malachi and those I looked after over time. So well done Mal I love ya tons and proud of you making this step. 

Friday, 25 March 2011

From the old things to the new, Keep me travelling along with you...

Yeah I got rid of my old bag of like 5 years...or maybe longer it was reliable it was pretty and I didnt want to part with it. I rarely go shopping for NEW things - but I saw this Accesorize bag and I fell in love with it I walked away from it twice and went in to buy it...I must state again I NEVER do this normally...anyway if you look at the end of the photos you will see the new item! Its PURDY - I then decided before I chuck my ol' faithful friends I cut the pretty floral material from the inner side of the front flap. I thought to take a quick photo with my rings on them I can never get enough of my rings...Thankies Mark.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Couldnt of said it better myself!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Just a brief moment in time...

Markie went back to Canada on 7th Feb. It has been ultra weird without him being arround me nearly 24 hours a day. Everyone has been supportive and kind to me and asking me how he is. Then I have had to content with people who have assumed because I have not gone to Canada that we have split up. This is not the case, I dont like to move somewhere unprepared and visa-less not to mention I have tons of photograph work lined up, you cant just say to people oh by the way Im leaving erm sorry muchly about the photo sessions you have booked. Yeah thats SOOO the way to do it NOT! 

Mark is amazing person, through and through - he has his failings and so do I. I decided to make sure I was the best I can and focus on the goals I had for myself which sorta took a back seat - generally when you get married that just happens. I decided after praying that the best thing was to focus on service and goals - to keep myself busy and full. I really am happy in the fact that I am achieving these goals already. Im taking a course just online but always good to keep the brain working, losing weight, reading books I sorta lost track of OH I READ SO MUCH! Also my personal photography projects. (more to come on those) 

So whats happening with Mark? Hes back at home in St Thomas keeping himself busy also looking for work and getting himself set up....and here I sit waiting and writing about it. Things are constantly changing. Some changes I welcome and love and respect and others I cry or get mad about...but change needs to happen. Thats why we are here! 

Im really thankful for eternal marriage and that this time is just brief in the long scale of things. People ask if I miss him and yes I do some days - but you have to not wallow, just get on with it and before you know the times gone and your onto the next chapter of life. Im really thankful for good friends and family though who are supporting me and being there when I just want to talk. Those are the things I need most of all. A listener not someone to tell me what I should do or when I should do it. I already know - the Lord tells me! 

Anyway Ill leave with a couple photos of Mark the day he left. Our last photos together for a while. Love you Mark :-)

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