Friday, 3 November 2006


Well, memories rush back to me - right back to when i was like 6-7 and i dressed up as a blue haired witch i wanted to look like grotbags but it wasnt happening!!! i sitll had fun and i member mum came and danced with me at the school disco hehe

i always loved the cold nights, along with the warm food, and family get togethers of halloween and bonfire night. im sad they dont happen anymore but i remember them fondly and i loved them, even if my aunty was cooking peas pudding URGH but we also had toffee apples and hard candy that cracked our teeth oh and the pies ummmm in the contrast of the bitter cold, while eating piping hot food in one hand and a sparkler in the other...watching the fireworks it was something i deeply loved! i cant wait till i have my own family so we can make it a special time! i love times like this...

so tonight im going to the YSA dance in leeds and YES im dressing up and im gonna be able to see ALLLLL my friends, emma maureen charlene, laura, mark, chris, kate, ooh hopefully all of em!

i am so tired though! University is really demanding alot of my time, but i know i am also weirdly enough enjoying it, id probably give out on something by now if it was any other subject but this keeps me interested, we looked at medium format minolas today - and theres amazing i guessed the lens would be about 80mm but tis not it was 75mm so i wasnt too far off....

i did get to make some business cards for myself and so i will be able to distribute them, and FOR FREE! only had to pay postage. anyway the main duties or assignments i have right now as it stands are :-

*Producing a folder full of professional study work.
*Writing a 2000 work essay and presenting an oral debate on 6 images over the past 200 years (should be interesting!)
*Completing my Retro Fashion modules especially the scrapbook (i sooo need to get on with that!!!)
*Learning to use photoshop EFFECTIVELY!

so there you go...hope your ALL having a great time right now even though its colder than a witches bit! hehe look after yourselves BEX

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