Sunday, 28 January 2007

lets get PRETTY!

This is Mark in Paperchase i decided
to pretty him up lol i demanded to
put on makeup but there u go!
dont it look great!!!

Who would live in a home like this?!?!

Well...I hope we do haha!
We saw this lil' number at IKEA we both love it there by the way! :D
but yeah we liked the colour scheme and set up so whatta i always do?
I TAKE A PICTURE! I cant WAIT to decorate my own house
i know i want one room to be like pink purple and
turquoise OR just brighter colours
funny that me and mark actually like opposite colours,
i like blue purple and pink he likes red orange and yellow...
but all the same its all good we are exploring possibilities

Mr "Romance" Northcott

This is my Markie!
giving me his heart!
hes a pure romantic always! :D
See the "parcel post" below!

Here we go! - Bex being silly

I tried to look like Mario from Nintendo! - bex

i love this... man?

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Pass the Parcel! MGN UR A STAR!

I got a parcel from Mark...i was like OH mum can take some shots for me! so while i opened this HUGE parcel of like 10 pressents it seemed i was like AWWW!
i dont even think hes seen these photos and i wanted to show him them, time passes and we forget to show each other things because we are chatting away!

i was at the preston temple accomodation id got out of uni to come home to it and it was the best present ever because IT WAS FROM HIM!

it had a big purple enveloped card and this lovely card that had beautiful words inside, HOW THOUGHTFUL IS HE?

Mark told me he was a shy man once upon a time now im like WHERE is he? he is so thoughtful romantic and gentlemanlike! just what a girl needs...

so when i started opening this parcel (back to the story) i always trail off hehe mark will testify! hehe anyway he got me this 2gb memory card that was absolutely needed and he remembered that and got me one HES A STAR! then he got me this bag of heart cinnamon candy and it was nice dad kept nicking them off me MR DIABETIES MAN!

then there was mittens which i always wanted and they where PINK and cute if you look on
there should feature all the pics of the process i opened the presents thanks to mum for doing that! urm what next...OH YEAH he sent me his COOL tablet and pen where you can like draw and colour on photoshop and paint! its sooo cool he is so thoughtful he got me everything i wanted!!! and then he got me this OPTICAL MOUSE! and i always was fascinated with them! im like I LOVE THIS GUY! i was so amazed dads like YOU DEFFINATELY WANNA MARRY HIM haha he got me this beautifully pretty wrapping paper too that deffinately was ME! and all this when i was shattered form uni feet killing and in a bunker in the temple grounds HOW CUTE!



Wednesday, 24 January 2007

You always have to start somewhere!

So we all had to start somewhere mark did this as his first "romantic gesture" and we are thinking to put this on the back of wedding invites and such i thought it was cute of him! he always makes me nice handmade things!

i also have the first pictures that we saw of each other! that made us go WOW they are nice! hehe im so thankful i have mark in my life sure he has faults but so do i have but he has so many strengths too like more than me. he shows me how to love someone truely! he cares for me and only me and thats such a great feeling!!!

Tuesday, 23 January 2007


Who can not love this face!

he rocks my world!

"it aint cheesy if its true" johnny burge




I feel beautiful with you, LV BEX

Aww he sent me flowers!!!

Mark probably wont remember this but he sent me some flowers over the internet i had a really hard day and im like I MISS HIM :( so i thought id feature them!!! we keep surprising each other on this blog HEHEH!

live from the msn window...

Monday, 22 January 2007

Our First Kiss.

the story of our first kiss.

I don't think it was an hour after we had met. Her dad had asked rebecca to go into the kitchen to make a sandwich or something to eat. I followed her into the kitchen. she got out a plate and some bread and i was a bit uneasy and all in a foreign place but i was just very jet laggy. I was hungry i'll admit that. Bex went into the fridge and i came up behind her and gave her a friendly hug. I almost let go as she was coming up but she actually grabbed my hands and held them there. Our eyes connected. i felt just amazing. this was our first romantic contact. Bex later told me that that was the moment she knew i was the one, i felt so too cause it didn't feel uncomfortable at all!

we continued to make a ham sandwich. i was like.. i don't need butter.. just slap it between the bread. george was in the other room and asked for a sandwich too. i laughed, bex was all grr. i was joking with her at this point, stuffing my face and talking, dancing around and all that..

she went out and delivered her dad the sandwich. then she came back into the kitchen she put stuff away and i caught her

right in front of the dining room table. i grabbed her shoulders, hugged her and then went in for a kiss. i was amazed at how soft her lips felt. it felt so so right. i didn't plan it, it just happened. i'm in love with this woman now, and i'm not letting her go. not now

not tomorrow

not even in all eternity.


love note...

I made this for Bex, it's one of the several love poems I've sent to Rebecca. I mean every word.


Sunday, 21 January 2007



AH i love to laugh! Mark has a lovely way of making me laugh even at silly faces! because thats what im all about...some people seem to be too serious sometimes. where as i on the other hand like to keep things light and in good humour!

why do i love this man!? because he is EVERYTHING a person needs!


Mark about me...

I thought this was so sweet! it came from his msn space see side bar for link to original...i really love this man! hes awesome beyond belief!


love of my life.

my one and only cherished soul mate.

why do i love her?

she's talented
she's beautiful
she's got the most amazing eyes
she has a great smile
she's going to be a great mother
she takes a picture and it's immediately a work of art
she has an amazing family that loves her
she is so friendly
she has a good testimony
she is not scared to say what's on her mind
she don't take no guff from anyone
she is strong
she has a kind heart
she has taught me to be a much better person than i once was
she's just like me
she's able to talk for me when i can't hear
she is understanding
she's great to talk to
she's not perfect but pretty darn close!
she's the girl i wish to spend eternity with.

posted by bex, poetry by mark

What does it all mean?

k i was looking up meanings of both me and Marks names let me know what you think!


NAME: Rebecca
FROM: Hebrew
GENDER: Female
MEANING: tied, bound, Faithful wife, knotted cord

NAME: Mark
FROM: Latin
MEANING: warlike


This one's from Gussums

We had the great idea to make a blog together, we've talked about it a couple times but we've finally gone and done it!

not only do we have a blog, but we have a gmail account for all our family and friends to get in contact with the both of us at the same time. That gmail is

We're going to use this site to let everyone into our life. We plan to keep regular updates and to share our pictures, poems, art, stories and everything else we can think of!

Please check back frequently and always comment... we love to hear from each and every one of you!

Mark "Gussums"

This ones from BEX

Ok people may say this is jumping the gun, but me and Mark thought it would be good to have a place to put all our thoughts and ideas and just things we would like to share! :) I'm sure he will comment further and we both have a lot to say.  I intend to include photos poems and my own spoken word. :) hope you all ENJOY!