Saturday, 12 May 2007

Flowers of the future...

Mark bought me some more flowers the past week and they where absolutely beautiful, anyway i was looking at the background when i was shooting photos of them, and in my kitchen is pictures of my grandad and grandma, about the age they where getting married, and so i shot it like this on purpose.

Even though flowers will die and fall, love wont especially not for me. No im not one of these unrealistic people where i say "hes perfect and nothing will ever go wrong" i know things are meant to be challenging and that if someone leaves clothes on the bedroom floor and i eat my nails. Its all part of growing in appreciation for each other. Thats my philosophy anyway!
im really proud of markie, hes shown me so many miricles! growing up in the church you sorta get set in your ways and think this is the only way and you have blinkers on. i always told myself this wont ever work, he cant change but he has so much. he wasnt that bad to start off with. Yes things had to go but i know hes done so much and for HIMSELF i know he did things at first because of me but then i know the truth of the gospel touched him, specially about temple marriage and having a family forever, i think that was the turning point for him when i told him my testimony and i think he felt the spirit.

i have been apprehensive in the past to say how and when i love someone as i have always felt ill get hurt with mark from the start ive been so open and feeling comfortble i cant imagine being with anyone else. im so proud of him. hes the best thing in my world, universe cosmos whatever you wanna say. (not meaning to be cheesy)
anyway i do love the picture i took i think i will submit it for the flickr world day! it was 5th of may...OH i have to tell you about uni i just had a presentation that lasted just over 35 mins which was meant to be only 10-15 mins but its ok! i will get more marks most likely. guess who helped me? MARK sat through me reading my notes and showing my presentation powerpoint. because of him, my blessing and prayers of others i was EXCELLENT! i saw the feedback from others in the group and the only negative thing they said was it was a little too long, but interesting nevertheless. i did admit i was a latter day saint in the group and i was really proud and felt liberated to be able to tell people.
Mark is my greatest fan and when i feel like giving up he gives me a boost. he listens to be waffle and also gives me constructive criticism when i need it. i love him with all my heart and soul!!



it's been a while since anything was posted here by either of us.
we are still very much in love with each other, and everyday i feel a million times more in love with her.

she has made me open up so much. i'm usually quite a reserved person and it used to take liquid courage to get me to say anything personal. i'm proud i've broken down walls in the past few months. i could never be more happy with myself or with her.

she's helped me know that with strong work ethics and strong spiritual guidance anythign is possible. a year ago, i had none, and it's been something of awe and realization of myself. rebecca will never let me slip, she's strong enough to catch me as i fall, and strong enough to lift me to an even better stance. there's not a doubt in my mind that she's the girl for me. she's spiritual, beautiful, smart, talented, homorous, colorful, outgoing, experimental and forgiving.

i know the lord has made me wait this long, just for her. i'm grateful to the lord and heavenly father for her. i have a strong personal testiomny that they have done this for us. it's all i can do to return the love back to them. i love my brother, jesus christ. he has stood beside me and answered my prayers and given me the guidance and direction i need. i have read the scriptures for nearly two straight weeks non-stop now. i pray every night that i can keep that going strong and it has helped in every way! i feel inspired that the scriptures i read are inspired and given to me for advice on my current situations. i need to work on my forgiveness and softening my heart towards others. i need to better integrate the scriptures and gospel into my life. but i know with time, i can do this. i know the church that i have joined is true. i know that it has been founded by revelation in the sacred grove, and i know that the church's doctrine is true, i know that we need to baptize those who could not make the descision themselves in the time they lived for they are in the spirit world waiting to be able to hear the gospel. i know we need to obey the words of wisdom. i have done drugs and alcohol, i know it's destructive and i will never taste or inbibe them again. i have asked forgiveness for the sins i have committed, i have repented. i know the words of the living prophets are true and that they have been true prophets of the gospel. i know the church is the true church of jesus christ. and i say these things in the sacred name of jesus christ. amen.